Wizards in Bloodbowl!

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User Info: Kenichijo

6 years ago#1
I thought I would continue this topic from the other Bloodbowl board.

Because I am pleased to report that wizards are now available in classic mode, in addition to other new inducements. In the previous version they were only available in Blitz mode. Trust me, a Halfling team really needs a wizard.

User Info: CVDP

6 years ago#2
A Halfling team needs much more than just a wizard... They need the favor of Nuffle as well.
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
6 years ago#3
Yeah, you can buy the use of a Wizard before a match for 100,000.
Which isn't bad. Though I miss just having wizards as a part of the team. :p
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User Info: Saikred

6 years ago#4
^^ Lol I love your sig
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