No product activation code with the free copy of FEAR 2?

#1SpikeRevellPosted 7/1/2011 5:36:07 AM
Okay, so a friend of mine who is a big fan of the FEAR series pre-ordered FEAR 3 at Gamestop. When he went to pick it up, they gave him a free -- sealed -- copy of FEAR 2 for the PC. He owns the first two games, so he gave me this new copy of FEAR 2.

I brought it home, opened it, popped in the first disc, and was forced to install Steam. Fair enough. I haven't had it on the PC in ages.

But when it got around to finally starting the installation process for the game, it tells me to enter a product activation code that will be on an insert, or on the booklet, or under one of the discs. I've taken everything out of the case and I can't find an activation code anywhere in the packaging.

What gives? Why isn't there an activation code? Shouldn't it be in the case with FEAR 2, or was it for some reason crammed in with FEAR 3? I'm going to phone my friend later today and see if he's got a code for FEAR 2 in his FEAR 3 case. If that's how it's been done, that's an odd way to go about it.
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#2ensomneacPosted 7/1/2011 4:15:39 PM

F.E.A.R. 2 is a Steam game, and requires a product key to activate.

There should be one in there, either on a sheet, or on the back of the manual etc, but it should be there somewhere.

If it's not, either contact GameStop or Steam themselves (I doubt it would be in F.E.A.R. 3's case).

BTW, that was nice of your mate, does he need any more friends? :)