Wtf is wrong with the prospect pool and DB progression?

#1the_old_daysPosted 8/18/2010 11:14:12 AM
The prospect pools seem to be truly broken in this version. There aren't any quality FB's or TE's at all...none. You're lucky to find three star players.

Defensive line gets the shaft this year, a handful of four star players with the vast majority being in the three star range each year. WTF?

DB progression seems gimped both in automated training and summer drills. The only skills I've found that raise your DB's OVR this year are speed and awareness, and taking those up will only raise your DB by a point or so each time. Catching doesn't seem to contribute squat to progression.

Also, I'm in my fifth year of a dynasty and the number of recruits in the entire pool seems to be dropping dramatically each year.

What happened to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? If you're not going to add any NEW features, EA, then fine, but don't ruin existing features. With all these problems, landing those monster, career making recruiting classes seems next to impossible, even with a Six Star juggernaut.
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