passing game is rigged by cheating AI

#1darth254Posted 2/21/2012 1:01:38 PM(edited)
It's fairly unrealistic how passing works in this game. Tired of defenders INSTANTLY reacting to passes to get picks.

Case 1: LB will sit in zone coverage and leave a 5 yard cushion to the side for your WR. The pass is like 8 yards down field. Try to throw a bullet into the WR? Nope. LB will bolt over instantly at full speed and pick it off or deflect it.

Case 2: I'll have two crossing patterns going in opposite directions across midfield. I'll wait for them to pass by each other and then toss it to the guy in the back. The defender covering my WR doing the shorter crossing pattern will immediately go 180 and pick off or deflect the pass to the other WR AFTER THE ROUTES HAVE ALREADY CROSSED EACH OTHER.

I'm sorry, but there's two things this "brilliant" AI doesn't factor in: reaction time, and inertia of a player.

Smarter AI? More like unrealistic AI. This game does not reward good decision making due to the way defenders react. This instant response time is particularly enraging when they play zone coverage, but as can be seen in case 2, it also has an impact on man coverage.