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5 years ago#1
After all my frustration figuring some of these out, I decided to write up a quick guide to the X-Dimension so others don't have to suffer like I did figuring some of these out.

1-1: Defeat the Enemy. There are no tricks here.

1-2: Defeat the Enemy within the 5 turn limit (the timed Geo-Block will set Blue into Game Over panels)

1-3: Destroy the Aqua Geo-Block to allow you to fight the mages along the other side. Do not destroy the Red Enemy Turbo x3 Geo-Block as this will cause the stage to be unbeatable.

1-4: No tricks, simply get a strong enough character on the warp panels, and have them destroy the large group of enemies.

2-1: I'm not sure if the game expects you to throw the timed purple cube over that wall to destroy the Mighty Enemy cubes, but I found it much easier to simply get an Armored Knight to throw the enemies out of the Mighty Enemy area, considering that wall is much shorter.

2-2: No tricks, defeat the Nekomata army here, while afflicted with "No Ranged" and "No Lifting". Pretty Straightforward.

2-3: As you defeat the Gunners with ranged attacks, you'll need to destroy the No Entry Panels in order to continue down the pathway. The towers, after defeating the enemy on top, can be picked up and thrown around to help your characters who need to close in the height to attack the other Gunners. A character with high jumping ability and an attack skill that can reach 5 squares should be able to do it alone.

2-4: Considering the ground is all Bye Bye Panels, you'll have take out each one in one shot. Have two characters who can either Move that far or chain throw to reach and kill the two Armored Knights with a skill, or pick them up and throw them onto the Bye Bye Panels.

2-5: Defeat the Enemy within 5 turns. With No Ranged and the Evade Panels, you'll have a 25% chance of hitting the Mothman. The Mothman also, in most cases, ignore your characters, only to run away, in order to get the effect of Trick Move to boost its evasion more. If required, carry the Mothman so that it doesn't continue to run away and pretty much have some good damaging attacks and luck to hit it.

2-6: Defeat the Enemies.. Nothing to mention here outside the fact that they all have Fortitude equipped, which will leave them at 1 HP if brought there from full HP. Doing this will cause them all to explode, but shouldn't be an issue, otherwise, its a standard fight.
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5 years ago#2
3-1: Prevent the Zombies from reaching the Game Over panels. Using throwing or high MV equips to cut the zombies' path with your stronger characters and defeat them.

3-2: Use Heal spells to defeat the healers on the Reverse Damage panels. Pretty simple.

3-3: Navigate your characters through the pathways to reach the 20% Damage Blocks, and throw them onto the Aqua Mighty Enemy panels to destroy them.

3-4: Have your characters throw each other to the timed Red Geo-Block and throw the character with the cube back to the Aqua Panels near the base panel. Have a character hold onto it so that the time doesn't continue to tick down. Then, retrieve the Aqua Cube and place it onto the Aqua Panel. Set the Red Cube down and destroy it. Doing so will force a Geo-Chain of Aqua -> Red -> Aqua -> Purple, giving you access to the monsters. Lift the Invincible Cube off it or get the monsters off the Invincible sections to destroy them. During this ordeal, the monsters themselves have all sorts of status inflicting moves to make it more annoying to get through the pathways.

3-5: Defeat the Enemies. They're all going to Magichange, provided they still have a partner to do so after the first turn, but outside of that, strong enough characters are all you need here.

3-6: Have a one on one battle with the Level 777 Female Samurai. The Lonely Panels prevent you from having more than one character on at a time, but if you have a strong character, or even a combination of your 10 characters to take her down, it shouldn't be an issue. Heck, poison her if you have to.

4-1: Defeat the enemies. The Ally Damage Blocks DO move between turns, so you'll want to make sure you get over to the other end as fast as you can and destroy them, otherwise, the damage can get heavy really quickly.

4-2: Defeat the enemies. They all stand on timed Invincible blocks and will spend their time inflicting status ailments as you make your way through the gauntlet. Alternatively, you could wait at the Entrance with a strong character for 8 turns for all the blocks to blow up, then make your way through killing them.

4-3: Although you can make do with throwing characters with strong ranged attacks on the towers, it might be easier to have a strong monster with range and a lot of jumping power equipped. Destroy each archer atop of each tower, climb up it, then destroy the next one. The second blue tower is 96 dm high jump and the last is 108 dm high jump. A character with 99 Jump will need to destroy 1 Blue block on the final tower, get on top and destroy the Archer with an attack that can reach 24 dm upwards or better.

4-4: Defeat the enemies. A straight up brawl with a bunch of brawlers.

4-5: If you don't have a high jumping and move character here, have a character hold onto the Warp Block while standing on the Green Panel. Once up, make your way with the cube to the Purple Panel and do the same. Once on the other side, take the Warp Cube to the Yellow Panel and do the same to enter the middle section. If you have a high MV/Jump character, none of this is really necessary as you can reach all the areas as required. Lastly, the Warp Block is not required to win this stage. Since the Bye Bye Panel block is within reach and doesn't have "No Lifting" on it, bring the Bye Bye Panel block to the Yellow Panel at the bottom right to defeat all the Valkyries in the center.
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5 years ago#3
4-6: Reach the "Stage Clear" panel. While impossible at first glance, the "No Entry" Green Block on the left side moves between the Red, Blue and Purple panels randomly between turns. Using this knowledge, make your way through the stage counter clockwise while the paths are open due to the Geo-Block moving to a different color. The "Stage Clear" panel is in the top left section of the stage (though i guess its relative to the camera and such, i'm sure you'll find it eventually).

5-1: Defeat the enemies. If you have enough strong characters, you can do this all in one turn. Otherwise, be careful of where you place your characters. The enemies are set to fight you, so if an enemy decides to stand on a Game Over panel trying to fight your characters, you'll lose the stage.

5-2: Defeat the enemies. Your characters can jump over the explosive barrels so access to the enemies is easy. Leaving the Battle Suits with 10% or less will cause them to explode, most likely causing a chain reaction with the explosive barrels aroudn them. Other than that, it is a straightforward stage.

5-3: Defeat the enemeis before the expanding Game Over area envelopes the stage. Nothing tricky here, just get some strong characters in there and wipe them out.

5-4: Defeat the enemies before they approach the Game Over panels around your base. This stage prevents most human character use, as the only panels Human characters can stand on are Game Over panels here (other than the Base itself). If you have a few strong monsters, this should be no problem, otherwise, you'll need to impede their path so that they do not reach the Game Over Panels. Monsters with a 3x3 area attack like Desco should be able to take out a side of her own, but I don't know enough about other monster attacks to know which would be most beneficial to use here. I did it with Desco, a Nekomata, and a bunch of monster fodder to block their paths o.x

5-5: Defeat the enemies. The level 1 enemies are only there to stop your first attack by wasting it on them first, but otherwise, once cleared, get someone on the Purple area and defeat the giant monster.

5-6: Bring a human character and a healing character through the Damage on Walking panels as the mages snipe away at you from the center. Once you've made it through, throw the invincible cube off the merry-go-round and defeat the mages.
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5 years ago#4
6-1: Make your way down the middle while the orcs beat you from the outside. Once you're at the end, you'll have free access to defeat the orcs on the large side of the area. The ones at the top you should be able to pick off with a long ranged move, or you could also, while on the No-Panel side, destroy the "No Range" panels and attack from the middle with closer ranged attacks.

6-2: Make your way up the mountain while keeping characters on the Clone panels to prevent additional Succubi from appearing. Those that appear on the path ahead of you will most likely get off to try and attack you and then will end up being blown up by the Bye Bye Panels. When you get up there, destroy the Aqua Block first. Doing so will cause an Yellow -> Aqua -> Red -> Yellow, leaving only "No Ranged" left on the map, to stop the cloning. Defeat the rest of them to win.

6-3: Provided you can make Masked Heroes by this point, and have the ability to capture enemies, take a weak human character and throw one of the masked heroes into the Base Panel and capture it. Afterwards, take a second stronger character with a good move rate and destroy the character who you used to throw the Masked Hero. Move the character onto one of the Yellow Panels, then take a second human and throw the other Masked Hero into the Base Panel to capture it, completing the stage.

6-4: Get a character with 9 Throwing Range (or is boosted with a Professor) and is on the petanque.hades.org area and pick up a character who is standing on the base panel, throw them at the Ghost, who will then pick up the ghost, and throw them onto the Deathblow Panels. Defeat it.

6-5: Retrieve the Bye Bye Panel block and return it to the base and place it on the Blue Geo Panel to kill all the Archers at once. Oddly, this stage places the invincible cube right next to your characters which you are able to lift. If chose to do that, you can simply defeat the archers with ranged attacks instead.

6-6: A character with incredibly high Jumping power can make it to the top to kill the two shamans with no issue. Otherwise, you'll need to lift up the Tombstones to create stairs for your characters, which will spawn Zombies which you'll need to defeat.

6-7: This seems to be a luck based one for the most part, unless there's another way to do this one. Since Fusioning is random, if you destroy the Tree Golem who is on your side of the No Entry panels too early, the final Fusion will be out of reach due to the "No Ranged" panels. Avoid killing the Golem as the enemies are absorbed. If the Golem wins out, defeat him to win. Otherwise, you'll have to restart.

7-1: The stage is split with Lonely panels so that one character can take on each side of enemies. The Lonely cubes are on the other end and are not protect. If you can destroy them, you'll be able to bring out more of your characters. In any case, this is the only trick to this stage, so defeat all the enemies to continue.

7-2: Bring 2 characters, one to kill and the other to throw 7 panels, and make your way through the max. You have 8 turns to make it through to the top right area and throw the fighter to the Green Area with the Prinny. Bring as much +MV and +JM equipment on these characters so they can jump over the explosive barrels rather than stopping to throw and remove them. Will probably need at least 10 MV each to make it in time, or maybe 8 or 9 with a decent throwing head start from the beginning.

7-3: Defeat the enemes. Standing in the Green Panels on this map will cause your characters to suffer from 50% Ally Damage a turn. It will be easier to pass this once you've created a character who can take care of the monsters alone while on the Lonely Panels.
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5 years ago#5
7-4: One side for Humans, the other for Monsters. Defeat all the enemies. Pretty simple. If you've only been power leveling either Humans or Monsters rather than both, the "Human Only" and "Monster Only" blocks can be destroyed by a ranged attack, allowing you to take over both sides with either Humans or Monsters.

7-5: While the Blue area demands "No Lifting", it says nothing about "No Throwing". At the base, which isn't affected by No Lifting, create a chain of characters to throw a high moving character towards the top of the stairs. Have that character stand next to the Prinny inside the Blue Panels (which are also Bye Bye Panels). Do the same for the Prinny on the other side. The Prinnies will stay on the Red Panels and will probably attack. When the enemy turn ends, your character will blow up due to the Bye Bye Panels, which will then cause the Prinny to blow up as well, due to their Evilty.

7-6: Take a ranged character onto each of the Warp Panels, and end the turn. After surviving the Prinny onslaught, they will be warped to each outside area in range of the Ninjas. Take out the Ninjas to finish the map. A strong enough Desco can take care of all the Ninjas with Yog Sothoth easily from the start area without even needed to warp elsewhere.

7-7: You have one turn to kill each group of enemies all at once, otherwise, "Absolute Area" takes over and they wont be able to be destroyed. The Nekomata area has you surrounded, a skill that hits all around you, such as Prinny Kurtis' Pringer Beam or Etna's Chaos Impact would work. Use Val's Tyrant Flughude to take out the Cockatrices. Use any 3x3 Attack to take out the slimes. Spells and Big Bang work fine, or Raspberyl's Delta Extreme Magichange Attack. Big Splash, a move by Tree Golems, can take out the Zombie section.

7-8: Defeat the Android. No Tricks at all here, just kill her.

8-1: Get a 17 Move character and go from the base panel to the Stage Clear area in one go. If you don't have enough MV, A character with 9 Mov has a safe spot 8 spaces directly below the "Stage Clear" zone. Stand there and end your turn, then proceed to the end.

8-2: Have a character grab onto the Warp Cube and end the turn. Once your turn again, the character holding the cube will have been warped to the center with the other Purple Cube. Now have the character hold onto the cube until they are defeated by the enemies or by being crushed by the cube. The cube will fall and a chain reaction will cause all the cubes to be destroyed. Defeat the enemies from there to finish the stage.

8-3: Destroy all the enemies. Outside of how many of them you have to fight, there's nothing big to worry about on this stage.

8-4: Take the Green Invisible Block at the top left corner, grab it and start destroying towers in order to bring the ghost down to your level and defeat them. Use the block that's left behind to take down another tower and repeat. If you want to be lazy and have a strong character to use, all the monsters are on Fusion panels and will one by one absorb into each other until one is left. The remaining monster will be at level 3300, so be prepared. Once you know which one is left, take the Green Invincible cube in the corner and figure out which towers you'll need to take down to get the color you need to take out the tower with the remaining Ghost on it. Once you've done that, get the Ghost off the Invincible cube and destroy it.
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5 years ago#6
8-5: After clearing the main area of Zombies, you'll need members of petanque.hades.org to be able to remove the zombies from their Invincible areas. Have the petanque member carrying another person while standing on the warp panel. Once warped, throw them onto the zombie, who will then be carrying the zombie. Throw it back to the person on the Warp Panel and warp back. Throw it off and have it defeated. Repeat to get the other two zombies.

8-6: First thing's first, destroy the two Rune Knights at the top of the pillars. Since the Plant has Heavy Stance and cannot be lifted, the hard part here is luring the Plant monster onto the top of the staircase made with the blocks. The way I had to do it to take out a few characters and find out which one it really wants to attack. Once you found that out, lure it using the weaker character that it wants to fight, while closing the gap with the stronger enemy behind it. Once you're up top, gather characters at base of this area, so that the plant doesn't try to jump down from the top of the staircase. Take the bait that's at the top and drop down onto the staircase (the short side of the stage) and stand there. With no place to go, if all goes well, the plant should get up on top on the pillar and stand there angry that you're too far down to attack and also being unable to get down otherwise. Then you can use the strong character that was closing the gap to kill the plant.

8-7: Get a character with enough jump who can just climb the tower, grab and then throw the prinny, causing it to explode. That's all there is to it.

8-8: Defeat the Tree Golems. No tricks here, just overpower them.

9-1: Have someone hold onto the ticking time block so that it doesn't blow up too soon and infest the starting area with Ally Move Damage. The enemies will refuse to move, forcing your characters to move around Ally Move Damage area. After destroying the wall (or having characters that can jump over it), proceed to the corner of the map to destroy either the Ally Move Damage or No Lift Cube, and defeat the enemies to complete the stage.

9-2: Defeat the enemies. While it may appear you're surrounded, Flying characters will have no problem getting through an positioning themselves. A simple map.

9-3: You'll need a human character who can lift the cubes on this stage. Take the warp panel to the Zombie area and defeat them. Lift the cube, place it on the Yellow panel, and warp to the Mothman area. Repeat this to get to the other two areas and win this map.

9-4: Defeat the enemies before the Game Over panel envelopes the stage. This isn't too difficult but make sure to be careful of the Masked Heroes here who may make a quick getaway to the Game Over spot if you're not too quick at defeating them. Each can move 7 spaces and remember that they can fly, so you cannot impede their path by standing in the way.
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5 years ago#7
9-5: Here's a tricky one. I suggest bringing a Prinny with 7 Mov, as well as another monster with 7 Mov (though it isn't required, but will leave room if you make a mistake), and you'll also need to be able to discipline monsters though you should be at this point of the game.. You'll need all of your character slots for this and you must be careful to do it all correct. First, take out your second monster with 7 Move and place him in left corner inside the pathway to the monster, using Square to make sure its facing inward towards the enemy. Next, Position a Human thrower in any of the 5 spots in the lower section in front of the base panel. Position your Prinny in the same line as your first thrower, facing the first monster you set up, bring out a monster from your base panel, walk it into the hands of the thrower, and throw the monster into your Prinny. The prinny will bounce it to the first monster, then will bounce it into the middle section. Position the new monster now so that its facing further into the pathway. Return your Prinny to the Base Panel, bring out another human thrower, position your prinny in front of it again, bring a monster onto the new thrower, and throw it onto the Prinny again. The chain throwing should bring it in front of the next narrow path. Repeat this again to bring out another monster and have it facing towards the enemy. Next, bring out a human character and another from the base panel. Position your prinny if required and throw them and that character should make it to the end in front of or near by the monster. Move the character if required to carry the monster. Next, before you throw, be sure to change the monsters along the path way so that they can return the monster all the way towards the beginning. Position your Prinny in the bottom right corner of the base, directly across from the first monster, and have it facing upwards. If done right, when you throw the monster back, it should bounce all the way to the beginning near the base panel. Return your Prinny, and with your remaining character slot (or two if you could still remove the first monster), pick up the monster and throw it into the base panel, capturing it, thereby completing this stage. Hopefully you all understood this as its hard to describe it properly without images as to where specifically these things go but you should get the hang of it.

9-6: Defeat the enemies, nothing tricky here, just a lot of wolves to fight.

10-1: Wait one turn for the cube to expand the green area. Once done, get a sturdy character to stand on the Green Panel and pick up the Cube. While in your hands, the Cube will not count down, but will still continue to expand. As it expands, defeat the enemies as they are forced out of (or rush out of) the "Mighty Enemy" area.

10-2: While destroying the Succubi, attempt to destroy the blue blocks so that one will be seperated from the rest of the group. After the timer ticks down and causes the Green one to explode, a chain will destroy all conjoined Blue Blocks. With a remaining blue block, have a character stand on it and perform a skill that can reach the Ghost up on top to finish the map. Without a cube to stand on, the stage will be too short to reach the Ghost.
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5 years ago#8
10-3: Make sure you have a few monsters that you can throw, at least one with 6 throwing (a prinny/mushroom) and one with 7 throwing (a slime). Position the Prinny/Mushroom in the left side facing upward, and have a human throw any monster onto it. It should end up all the way at the end of that island of blocks. Face it towards the right, get another human and throw the Slime (or other 7 throwing beast you have) and throw it along the monster path and have it facing further north. Next, Prepare 3 more humans and 1 more character who can sit in the middle and fight the mages at a distance. Throw all 4 characters along the monster path you made and they should make it to the other side. Travel through the gauntlet in the center and make it to the end. From here, have one of your humans throw the other two to the next island, and use the last two throw the other into the final island with the Invincible block. Pick it up and toss it aside. Now your character you left in the center can pick off the mages and win the map.

10-4: Create 5 Heavy Knights or 4 Mushrooms and 1 Armor Knight (or anything you have that has at least 6 throw, except don't throw prinnies of course). The enemy cannot reach any of the characters so it should be no problem having level 1s here. Have a regular character throw a Mushroom/Armor Knight onto the stack of 2 Red Cubes, and have it face towards the next tower. Throw the next Mushroom/Knight into the first and toss them to the next tower (if its a monster, have it face right), continue to do so for the next two towers. Lastly, have an Armor Knight carry the cube and have the original thrower throw it along the path up to the last tower. Throw the Red Cube next to the Battle Suit and destroy all the red blocks. As he hits the bottom, he's left with 1 HP and his evilty will blow himself up, winning this stage.

10-5: Have a character who can jump at least 72 fly up and grab the cube and toss it down. If you don't have enough jump, you may need to build a tower with the blocks, but since you only have one turn, its simply easier to have a high moving/jumping guy to get up there quickly and toss it down to the 2nd floor. Have someone take it and toss it down to the first floor. Doing so will allow the Mighty Enemy blocks to be destroyed, allowing you to be able to kill the enemy at the bottom. If you cannot it in time, the longer option is to build staircase up with the blocks on the current level, throw the ones from the very top down to the first level, build a staircase from the first to second levels, then bring the enemy up off the Mighty Enemy onto the second floor and defeat it there. Either way, defeat them all and win the stage.

10-6: There's only one panel that you can attack them from and its right in the middle, closest to them. Have Desco or other character with an appropriate area attack to defeat them all in one blow.
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5 years ago#9
Never thought to throw the enemies in the panel on 6-3, thx.
5 years ago#10
good stuff
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