When to start Item World

#1rewwPosted 9/25/2011 1:55:16 PM
When is a good time to just kind of get a start on the post game process. Should I just keep passing more expensive stuff until its maxed as I progress through the game or should I be running some item world? Also I guess I should add do you grind innocents or pirate innocents endgame?
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#2RenamonFOXPosted 9/25/2011 1:59:56 PM
I collect 8 gladiators/tutors asap and level up some low rank legendary. An evilection sash with 8,000 atk/int is going to be your best friend.
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#3hylozoistPosted 9/25/2011 2:12:23 PM
The more expensive stuff bill is up to you, depending on your funds. By mid-game, you should be able to buy one weapon per completed map even at higher shop ranks, though. By end-game, the shop is really only useful to buy high level unsubdued innocents, though.

I also did Item world asap also, but I chose to subdue lv. 100-150 managers first while getting to floor 96, then did gladiators/marksmen/tutors/professionals on 96. Grinding a max stat innocent is very quick once you get to level 96 on the item because of the 3.9x properties on full innocent boost and and allows you to one-shot any non-boss in the story at low levels.

Innocent grinding can be done anytime, as long as you have a legendary item. I did it in a rank 3 item, because that was the lowest ranked item I had. The only negative effects that I can think of doing it in a lower item is if you are doing mediators, the result is usually less levels than in a higher one, and if you reverse pirate, the captured innocents are also usually a lower level, but the same variety of innocents is still there. Supposedly pirates are more rare, but you can level up another item (probably on a middle path) if you want to play the odds and not reset over and over. Oh, and of course the level of the pirates and enemies are lower, which is the benefit of doing it in a lower level item.
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Okay just to make sure I understand the innocent boost thing as I was reading it in another topic as well. I start by just running item world and every 5 floors pick the innocent one. Get to floor 96 exit item world put in innocent and subdue it. Move in another innocent, combine go back into floor 96 repeat kill innocent exit until I get to where I want it? Also what do you need/how do you move unsubdued innocents?
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#5hylozoistPosted 9/25/2011 2:30:43 PM(edited)
You have the method down.

To level innocents you need Enforcers. These appear on emblems as subdued innocents, so you can move them to the item with the innocent you want, and then by using 1 charge of the Enforcer, you can move it to wherever you like. The easiest way to get Enforcers early is to reload the hospital emblems until you see an enforcer in the innocent list. If you're lazy and haven't sold alot of inventory or can otherwise fill your inventory without going broke, you can dupe any lousy item with a bunch of enforcers or whatever innocents you want with the Rosenqueen overflow trick to make things quicker. Without the trick, the fastest way of getting a large amount of enforcers is to steal emblems from Deaths on 7-3 or lady samurais on Ordeals 1 and to pat-down senators when passing bills.
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Naw. Forget enforcers. Get yourself a level 20 item, dive in it, get one statistician to show up, nail him, use the dupe method in the sticky, make yourself a bunch of statisticians/whatever else you want, and just dupe it that way and combine them. Allows you to dupe a LOT earlier than getting to a level 96 legendary item. (I was duping by 5-2)