Disgaea 4 Special Skills List

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These are all the special skills in the game, as listed by their sections in the Special Skills Movie Records in the Data Shop. I should note there are SPOILERS for a couple of the boss fights as well as unique characters from the post-game content. Viewer discretion advised.

~~ Magic ~~
Mega Fire
Giga Fire
Omega Fire
Tera Fire
('' for Wind, Ice, Star, Heal spells)
Magic Boost
Magic Wall
Speed Boost
Target Lock
Armor Break
Mind Break
Resist Break
Blank Out

~~ Fist ~~
Triple Strike
Exploding Fists
Special Burst
Rising Dragon
Master Palm
Big Bang
Big Wave
No Way Out

~~ Sword ~~
Blade Rush
Hurrican Slash
Cross Demon Rush
Dark Secrecy
Soaring Nonuple
Rune Dimension
Crimson Rain
Super Crosslord

~~ Spear ~~
Impaler Drop
Pole Rage
Shish Ka-Splat
Storm Shock
Around the Moon
Meteor Shower
Spearing Windmill

~~ Bow ~~
Spiral Blast
Arrow Trap
Zip Shot
Spear Surfing
Galaxy Comet
Lightning Flash
Flaming Dragon

~~ Gun ~~
Splitting Bullet
Speeding Bullet
Deadly Down Under
Cluster Launcher
Dark Filament
Prism Burster

~~ Axe ~~
Boulder Crush
Head Splitter
Demon Annihilation
God Scraper
Twin Tomahawks

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~~ Skills ~~
Impaler Prince
Bloody Hole
Tyrant Flughude

Swift Power Shot
Dual Canine Attack

Soul Reaper
Grim Specter
Delta of Death

Glorious Hitter
Prinny Kaiser XX

Final Boss Arises
True Godly Weapon
Yog Sothoth

Mandatory Repo
Angelic Whip
Goddess Artemis

Fear the Great

Celebrity Tackle
Aching Heart
Love Dynamite S

Fallen Angel Flonne (presumably only if you have her downloaded as DLC will her skills be in the list)
Dragon Meow
Holy Arrows

Blazing Knuckle
Overlord's Wrath
Meteor Impact

Prinny Raid
Sexy Beam
Chaos Impact

Archangel Flonne
Tri Dra-Meow
Saint Arrow
Great Flonzor X

Neo Zetta Beeeam
Badass Overdrive

D-Rule 1: Morality
D-Rule 2: Volunteer
D-Rule 3: EcoFriend

SD Asagi
Cameo Star
Magic Shot

HD Asagi (if you have the 1.10 patch)
Assault Storm
Deadly Hurdle
Heroine Chant

Final Boss Arises
True Godly Weapon

Prinny Kurtis
Electron Explosion
Final Arm
Pringer Beam

Pringer X
Prinny Rush
Prinny Destroy
Pringer Beam X

~~ Human Skills ~~
Magic Knight
Fire Charge
Wind Charge
Ice Charge

Beast Master
Wild Groom
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~~ Monster Skills ~~
Slimey Punch
Slime Cheer
Jelly Fight
Muscle Slime

Mistake Eraser
Orc Hero Gas
Petite Orc Juggler
Gaea Crush

Winged Warrior (Mothman)
Hell's Cocoon
Sonic Wave
Goodby Sunset
Mothman Coaster

Erynger Jab
Erynger Punch
Erynger Roll
Mushroom Harvest

Spirit (Ghost)
Tie Down
Wraith Orb
Ignis Fatuus
Pac-ghost Chaser

Removable Skull
Zombie Tornado
Hyper Zombeam
Thrill Steps

Demon Beast (Gargoyle)
Flying Press
Burn Down
Shocking Shock
Plasma Lorrentz

Flora Beast (Alraune)
Feast Slasher
Spiral Needle
Thorny Blaster
Flower Profusion

Roc (Cockatrice)
Chicken Cyclone
Boomerang Band
Ciry Dragger
Descending Phoenix

Death Seize
Remote Trail
Dark Pit
Keeper of Abyss

Mystic Beast (Cu Sith)
Charging Horns
Phantom Murderer
Petting Zoo
Moonlight Raid

Body Change
Pink Illusion
Raging Dromi
Twin Attribute

Dragon Zombie
Smelly Breath
Long Horn Fang
Undead Strike
Darkness Breath

Wood Golem
Skull Crush
Angered Tree
Hugs Tonight
Big Splash

Wind Breaker
Dragon Claw
Dragon Missile
Dragon Assassinator

Feline Gust
Kitty Brain Blast
Cat Strike
Boxer Kitty

Rifle Demon
Extinctor Laser
Genocide Saber
Cruel Shot

~~ Magichange Skills ~~
Evil Sword Balmung
Martial Transformer

Imperial Cross
Delta Extreme

Prinny Kurtis
Twin Rocket Punch
Sonic Fire

Slime Swinger

Flying V-Strike
Orc 100 Slash

Winged Warrior (Mothman)
Moth Barrage
Poison Moth

Eryngi Raid
Erynger Panic

Spirit (Ghost)
X-Dimension Wonder
Bom Bom Box

Heave Shot
Tomb Raiding

Demon Beast (Gargoyle)
Trance Axe
Graviton Hammer

Flora Beast (Alraune)
Flower Wave
Twin Heart Attack

Roc (Cockatrice)
Break Shot
Reverse Egg

Nightmare Sheep
Drop Out

Mystic Beast (Cu Sith)
Lunatic Garm
Wolf Children

Judgement Sword

Dragon Zombie
Living Fossil
Corpse Costume

Wood Golem
Brain Shaker
Nature Slash

Flame Slash
Final Dragoon

Flaring Kitty Shot
Grand Slam

Rifle Demon
Reflection Beam
Parallel Cannon

(Note: Slumber Cat's and Prinny's Monster and Magichange skills seem to be missing from the in-game list. Not sure if this is as of the latest patch or if they have always been absent.)

~~ Tower Skills ~~
Tower Swing
Tower Jump Rope
Tower Shuttle
Tower Move
Tower Lift

That should be it; feel free to post with any corrections that need to be made, or any questions you have about getting the skills. I'll do my best to help however I can. Hopefully this is useful to you and it helps somehow. Happy grinding!
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The Professor's "Human Skills" are missing.
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They don't appear on the game's list, so I'm assuming (like the Prinny and Slumber Cat skills) they don't count for the trophy or for seeing that 100%in the menu, but I'll list them:

Move Up
Jump Up
Counter Attack
Amazing Throw
Magical Extension
Too Many Criticals
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Good job, thanks for the list.
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No problem; just doing my part to help the good ol' community. If only I were as active of a poster as Mystile or Scy046... well, a man can dream I suppose :P
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I expected to be something more informative rather just... well, a list. Guess it's helpful for those who want to just know what to fill out for the datashop.
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wongEXE posted...
I expected to be something more informative rather just... well, a list. Guess it's helpful for those who want to just know what to fill out for the datashop.

What would you have me include? The AoE of each skill? Those using this, trying to fill up their list most likely already know well what their skills do and just need those last bits to get to 100%. A guide on how to magichange to get those respective skills would be next to pointless, or how to unlock each of the unique characters for theirs. All that information is available with a simple search on this great board. Something like this, a guaranteed "this is what the game needs for 100% completion" list of the Special Skills is nowhere to be found, so I thought it would be useful for its purpose.

I'd love to see a list like this done for the Item World Pirate Groups and/or the Pirate Ship Parts but that would indeed be asking a bit more than copying down skill names as I've done, lol.

Sorry if that came off as a bit rude; I just knew what I wanted to make when I made it, and that was pretty much a Skills checklist for those wanting to complete said list. To be fair, I did go a step beyond and list what monsters and characters correspond to each set of skills, to help those out that are just missing a few here and there. Rather than having them sift through a literal list of skills which would just be an eyesore. I just want someone out there to find it helpful with their quest for 100%. It's just my way of contributing what I can while I grind my days away. :P
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So as long as I view all the special skills in the list you made, I should get the trophy?