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So I've written a bunch of FAQs for previous games but never got around to submitting them, either because they were incomplete or because I lost interest in the game too soon to finish it. Since I've spent so much time answering random Dis4 questions, I've got a lot of it down pat, and I find Chara World questions being asked in various form all the time, so here's a catchall guide that I'm probably going to submit with other character-related information once I gather it all. I'm pretty confident in the information (since I've only run Chara World about a hundred times now), but as always let me know if there are errors and I'll correct them.


A. Chara World - A Description

The Chara World is similar to the Class World from Disgaea 3. The Chara World replaces the old teacher/pupil system in Disgaea 1 and 2 for teaching skills to other units, bills for increasing movement, counters, etc., and allows you to teach Evilities and boost aptitudes.

You unlock the bill for Chara World by having at least 1 character with 100 stored levels. NOTE: This is different from various guides floating around; you will not unlock the bill from having 100 stored levels *total* across multiple characters, it has to be a single character.

B. Diving into characters

Similar to the Item World, you go into a character in order to improve that character. Different from the Item World, you choose exactly what you are going to improve prior to diving. The list is:

Movement (5000)
Jumping Power (2000)
Counter Hits (5000)
Throwing Range (5000)
Critical Rate (2000)
Skill Inheritance (10x)
Evility Inheritance (10x)

Unlike the first Disgaea games, any improvements you make will stay with your character through reincarnations, even if it is a generic character and you are changing classes.

You can dive into each character a limited number of times per incarnation. Once you reach the limit, you'll have to reincarnate to continue improving that character. The type of creation/reincarnation determines the limit.

Good-for-nothing, Incompetent - 1 time
Average, Skilled - 2 times
Distinguished, Genius - 3 times
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C. Chara World - A First Foray

The tutorial for Chara World is pretty descriptive, so I'm just going to do a quick rundown here. The Chara World consists of a few key things - the Base Panel, enemies, Geo blocks, floor layers, and occasionally Mystery Gates.

Enemies in the Chara World will be around the same level as the character you're currently inside. The higher the level, the more the enemies' levels can deviate from this level. The item rank restriction still applies, so going into the Chara World in the regular world restricts the items worn on enemies to rank 34 and lower, while going in Land of Carnage allows enemies to wear up to rank 39 items. Land of Carnage also affects the difficulty of the enemies in the Chara World, similar to how the Item World is harder.

The only enemy you need to be acutely aware of is the boss on floor 10. The boss is either going to be a Chara Counselor, Chara Secretary, or Chara President, depending on the type you chose when you created or last reincarnated the character.

Good-for-nothing, Incompetent - Counselor
Average, Skilled - Secretary
Distinguished, Genius - President

If you clear all of the Geo blocks on a level, you will reduce the cost of the improvement you chose by 5%. This applies to the first 9 levels, and floor 9 only prior to entering the Mystery Gate. The Mystery Gate on floor 9 is where you purchase the improvement you chose for your character. The cost depends on the improvement, and on how many times you've already purchased the same improvement.

If you clear all of the Geo blocks on floor 10, you will create another Mystery Gate. This Mystery Gate can house one of two characters: the Evil Area Improver, or the Old Combat Master Prinny.

The Evil Area Developer lets you increase the size of an Evil Area your character currently resides in by 1. The first increase costs 5,000 mana, with each additional increase costing 10 times more up to a maximum of 9,999,999 mana (i.e. 5,000, 50,000, 500,000, 5,000,000, 9,999,999). Every Evil Area has a maximum size of 6. Once you increase the size of an Evil Area, you can add a new panel of effect by going to Place Evil Symbol in the Cam-pain HQ and pressing Triangle when you have the upgraded symbol selected. You will get a cursor on the minimap, where you can place another square adjacent to any existing square.

The Old Combat Master Prinny can teach you additional weapon skills that cannot be learned naturally. There are 2 sets of skills, and it's random which set is available when you find him. The first set of skills cost 2,400 mana each, and the second set cost 4,800 each. These skills are required for the trophy awarded for fully viewing all skills in the game.
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D. The Improvements

There are 7 possible improvements you can make to your character.

1 - Movement. Permanently increases the number of spaces your character can move by 1. You can upgrade Movement twice maximum per character; the first upgrade costs 5,000 mana, the second 50,000 mana.

2 - Jumping Power. Permanently increases your character's vertical limit by 1 dm, up to a maximum of +25 dm. The first upgrade costs 2,000 mana, and each subsequent upgrade increases this cost by another 2,000 mana. The 25th/final upgrade costs 50,000 mana.

3 - Counter Hits. Permanently increases the maximum number of counterattacks your character can make. Same as Movement, you can upgrade Counters a maximum of 2 times, costing 5,000 and 50,000 mana.

4 - Throwing Range. Permanently increases your character's Throw statistic by 1. Throw means different things depending on whether you're looking at a humanoid-type or a monster-type character. For humanoids, it's how far you can lift and throw units or objects. For monsters, it's how far an object will bounce when thrown into the monster. Same as Movement, you can upgrade Throws a maximum of 2 times, costing 5,000 and 50,000 mana.

5 - Critical Rate. Permanently increases the chance of dealing critical damage by 1%, up to a maximum of +25%. Same as Jumping Power, the first upgrade costs 2,000 mana, and each subsequent upgrade increases this cost by another 2,000 mana. The 25th/final upgrade costs 50,000 mana.

6 - Skill Inheritance. Learn any non-unique skill from another member of the same Evil Area. When you find the Skill Committee member, you are shown a list of skills known by all characters who share an Evil Area with the character you're improving. You can purchase any 1 skill for 10 times the original cost of the skill from the Evility Trainer. Skills that can be inherited are any skill that shows up in the Special menu option and can be "unequipped," so to speak. This means all weapon skills, elemental spells, healing spells, and boost spells. Skills that cannot be passed: unique character skills (Valvatorez's Tyrant Flughude, Desco's True Godly Weapon), unique humanoid skills (Create Barrel, Move Up), monster skills, Magichange skills.

7 - Evility Inheritance. Learn any non-unique Evility from another member of the same Evil Area. Similar to Skill Inheritance, when you find the Evility Committee member, you are shown a list of all Evilities known by all characters who share an Evil Area with the character you're improving. The cost is also 10 times the original cost of the Evility. You can learn any Evility that was bought from the Evility Trainer, or found in the Chara World (more on this later). You cannot normally learn any character-unique Evilities; however there seems to be a glitch where you are occasionally able to purchase unique Evilities. I haven't come across this myself yet, so I cannot divulge any details.

When you are in front of the committee member, there are a few things you should remember (a.k.a. Chara World troubleshooting):

a. Like Item World vendors, once you talk to them, you cannot talk to them again to re-enter the upgrade menu. Make sure you don't accidentally cancel out.

b. If the character you're trying to improve is currently dead, you cannot purchase an upgrade. Remember that this is a Mystery Gate, so you can access your warehouse. There is a little trick you can use to revive a dead party member; equip them with a weight item. The weight will restore the character to 1 HP. Just remember to remove the weight, because if you die with a weight on, the weight breaks and disappears.

c. If you don't see the skill or Evility you were trying to inherit, you did not put the two characters in the same Evil Area. Remember, the Evil Area is important, proximity makes no difference.
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E. Improving Aptitudes and Chara World Powerups

Introduced in Disgaea 3, you can now increase your character's equipment aptitudes via Chara World runs. Just by completing a full 10-floor Chara World run, you will receive a set number of increases to your character's aptitudes, based on that character's level when the run is completed. You receive additional increases for finding various powerups throughout the run, and for killing the Chara boss on floor 10.

In Disgaea 4, every character can have their aptitudes increased to 300% for each statistic. However, when you receive an aptitude increase, each point is put into a stat randomly. Unfortunately, this does mean that if a stat reaches 300% before other stats, you can waste increases if the game randomly chooses the stat already at 300%; that stat will not go above 300%, but you won't get the increase in any other stat either. In my experience, while it is random, all your aptitudes will increase at the same time in a general sense, so one stat won't get ridiculously higher than another, compared to the starting spread.

You will always receive 1 increase for every run, regardless of the character's level. You receive another 1 increase for every 10 levels beyond, and including, level 20, up to a maximum of 7. You receive yet another increase for each powerup you destroy during the run. Finally, the Chara boss awards 2-3 increases, depending on which creation/reincarnation type you chose for your character. In list form:

* +1 base (lvls 1-19)
* +1 for lvl 20 and every 10 levels after 20, maximum +7 (lvl 80+)
* +1 per Aptitude Sphere
* +1 per Evility Sphere
* +1 per Heart Construct
* +2 if the Chara Counselor died
* +3 if the Chara Secretary or Chara President died

So, if you dive into a lvl 80 character, blitz straight for the gate each floor, then kill the President on floor 10 and complete the run, you will receive 11 increases to your aptitudes.
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Now, let's discuss powerups, the most interesting part of the Chara World (in my opinion).

As mentioned in the tutorial, the floor in the Chara World is breakable, except the last layer. If you end turn, the lowest layer of the floor will disappear. This is important because the breakable floor is where all the powerups hide. There are a few ways to break the floor.

1. Every time a Geo chain occurs, every piece of breakable floor touching the Geo blocks involved will break. This can be used to cause additional Geo chain reactions, and the more that happen over the same spot can cause additional spaces to break.

2. Whenever a Bomb or a Prinny is thrown onto a space not occupied by a character, an explosion with a radius of 2 spaces will occur. If you cause an explosion on the bare floor (i.e. not on a Geo block), this will cause the explosion to break the floor as well.

3. Whenever you or an enemy uses a skill that destroys a Geo block or kills a neutral/enemy character, ALL squares within that attack's area of effect will have the piece of floor underneath the attack break. This is going to be the primary way to break the floor at will.

4. Break a Floor Collapse or Area Collapse block. The Floor Collapse block looks like a gray Geo block with a colored target on it, and Area Collapse block looks like a Null Geo block. Floor Collapse will break the top layer of floor for every square, while Area Collapse will break every piece of breakable floor on the level. They both count as breaking the floor yourself rather than the End Turn version of the floor disappearing.

Whenever you break the floor, there is a small chance a powerup will spawn in a random location on the map. You can get an Aptitude Sphere, an Evility Sphere, or a Heart Construct. Destroy the powerup to gain an additional aptitude increase when you complete the run. I've heard that it's possible to get 2 Evility Spheres at a time on the same floor, but I personally have never gotten the same 2 powerups to appear on the same floor. Remember that you can only break the floor with skills if you kill a unit within the area of effect.

There are exceptions when using skills to break the floor. A target that is too high or too low does not count as being inside the area of effect, so everything around it will sink but not the one panel that is too high or too low. Being on a No Ranged or No Melee block will not affect your area of effect; if you are on No Ranged and use Big Bang, even if you're only hitting the target right next to your character, the other 8 squares will still sink.

In addition to providing aptitude increases, Evility Spheres will also teach your character a new Evility that can only be found via Evility Spheres. Most of the Evilities earned in the Chara World are not unique to the specific character or class, but there are a few that can only being found in that specific class's Chara World. The prime example of this is the Violence Evility, which can only be found in the Android's Chara World.

There isn't an exhaustive list of what Evilities are learned by which characters yet, but one is currently being compiled by volunteers on the GameFAQs board. There is an incomplete list available on GameFAQs, but be aware that it's possible to find Evilities for characters where it's not listed.

The Heart Construct also serves another, if narrow, purpose. Heart Constructs are neutral copies of the character you are currently inside. If you have the Puppy Paw Stick item, killing the Construct with it can proc a steal of an item currently equipped by it, which, since it's wearing the same items as your character, is a method of duping equipment. The chance of this happening has decreased significantly from Disgaea 3, down to about 10%. As of patch 1.10, the RosenQueen dupe method still works, so if you need to dupe items, which is a more reliable way to dupe. Check the GameFAQs forums or guides for more information.
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F. Miscellaneous

There are a couple bills in the Cam-pain HQ that raises the difficulty of the Chara World, but also raises the amount of experience and mana earned from enemies inside. It's going to be much simpler to farm the mana outside of the Chara World, then go in once you have enough, especially after you've unlocked Mt. Ordeal stage 4. However, if you want to up the challenge or gain additional benefit from killing enemies in the Chara World, these bills will do so.

According to the Chara Worlder, clearing Geo blocks will award the character you're inside more mana. However, in practice, it seems this mana is only awarded after leaving the Chara World, so don't bank on it to get enough before reaching the Mystery Gates. However, Aura Pyramid still functions inside the Chara World, so you can still use that to get your character more mana.

A quick way to see if a floor has any Floor Collapse or Area Collapse blocks is to go to the Character List and scroll up, to the bottom of the list. Usually, any Collapse blocks will be towards the bottom of the list, if not the last ones. However, when killing Area Collapse blocks, be careful of the arrangement of bombs; enemies will take massive fall damage, oftentimes all the way down to 1 HP, so the bombs can possibly clear the level before powerups have a chance to spawn.
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I assume you're done posting. Might want to add a bit on how you actually expand Evil Areas since that gets a lot of questions in regards to it (i.e., the Cam-Pain map > Place Evil Symbol > Expand bit). If it'll fit, anyway.

As for the Aptitude gains, I think it's just (Level/10), capped at +8. Though I guess it makes <10 awkward (should truncate down to 0 but goes to 1).


Guess it can just be 1 + [(Level - 10)/10], but now we're getting overly convoluted for no reason :/
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Unfortunately, this does mean that if a stat reaches 300% before other stats, you can "lose" increases if the game randomly chooses the stat already at 300%

Sooo....does this mean that if one aptitude hits 300% before all the others, that one has a chance of going down? If so, will it raise back up again later?

Some characters have pretty lopsided aptitudes (like having 70s or 80s in some categories, but having 150% or so in others) If all stats are constantly raising fairly evenly, it sounds like that 150 will hit first and will constantly be losing and regaining points if that's the case.
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Sooo....does this mean that if one aptitude hits 300% before all the others, that one has a chance of going down? If so, will it raise back up again later?

Some characters have pretty lopsided aptitudes (like having 70s or 80s in some categories, but having 150% or so in others) If all stats are constantly raising fairly evenly, it sounds like that 150 will hit first and will constantly be losing and regaining points if that's the case.

Better wording for it I suppose would be that the bonus is wasted. If you have +15% Aptitude from a run but you have 3 stats at 300%, any bonus that gets applied to those just vanishes. You don't lose Aptitude but lose some of your potential gains since some of them got applied to nothing.
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I submit that the Combat Master does not, in fact, exist. And hope that by denying his existence he will become enraged and prove his existence to me. Preferably soon.
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