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Pokemon Ivory

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6 years ago#11
Because it's possible for me to troll a topic I created! -_-
It is, as some admiral once said, a trap.
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6 years ago#12
^ Canada's anthem had the same "problem", since we say 'in all our son's command' in one part.
6 years ago#13

From: creamyicecream | #009
There is no God.

well your thread is officially over. the biggest trolling crew on the pokemon gfaqs boards have marked your topic. cut your losses man. don't bother arguing, don't even bother posting. get out while you can.
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6 years ago#14
I'd prefer if they called it Pokemon Vanilla......
6 years ago#15
The only people who find racism in things like this are racist.
I just lost the game.
6 years ago#16
Naming it Ivory version is racist towards elephants. Seriously, you have to kill them or at least incapacitate them to get it.
"Names... do not matter. But if you insist... Id."
6 years ago#17
Thankfully the movement was shot down.

Apparently not, as I just searched it and the line has since been changed to remove the word "sons"....
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6 years ago#18

Its racist if they change it. Think about it. If they change it from white and black to ivory and ibony then they are showing they messed up in naming it. I hope they keep it the same. Its only racists that think saying "white" and "black" implies racism whatsoever. Not to mention there arent any races in the pokemon games.. So how can it be racist?

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