wouldn't it be awesome if?

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User Info: m0n0m0n

6 years ago#1
wouldn't it be awesome if pokemon black and white will only contain pokemon's from this version so no geodude or zubat but just pokemons from this generation. and after you've beaten the elite 4 you will be able to travel to the old worlds where you can catch sinnoh,hoen,johto and kanto pokemon and of course evolve old pokemons with new evolutions like yanultra or doquatro and a evolution of Chimecho. but that is just my oppinion of what would be awesome.

User Info: eevee12

6 years ago#2
No offence, but this is like the 500th time this has been posted on the pokemon boards, and its getting a little bit of a stale topic now.

User Info: IHatePikachu

6 years ago#3
It would also be awesome if GF gave us $1,000,000 to play this game.

If you dno't understand: ofcourse it would be awesome, this topic is old.

User Info: uwnim

6 years ago#4
This wouldn't be awesome. I need my Geodude, Zubat, Tentacool, Pikachu and other staple mons.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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