What is the best way to catch Thundurus?

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5 years ago#1
I have been having trouble getting him and his health is the lowest it can be. I have been using Quick balls, Ultra balls, dusk balls, timer balls. What do you guys think I should use if I attack him anymore he will faint.
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5 years ago#2
FC: 1334-6920-2574
5 years ago#3
Master ball.
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5 years ago#4
Gotta agree with the above poster. Master Ball that Mother. It has a capture rate of 3, and it'll hightail it as soon as it possibly can.
5 years ago#5

The easiest way to catch "Roamers" without using a master ball, in my opinion is to whittle down it's health and try to get it so sleep, each on individual encounters.

Once it's on low health and preferrably asleep, keep using quick balls each time you encounter it, and you'll get it before long.

I caught Thundurus after about 8 Quick balls. You could also save, use 5 or so, then reset so that you don't lose any :)

Best of luck

5 years ago#6
Send over a Gengar that has Hypnosis and Mean Look. If it has something like Whirlwind, I don't know if it does, give him Taunt also. Use one for the Legendary Beasts.
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5 years ago#7

Yupp do what chris says

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