GBA and DS pokemon transfer.

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5 years ago#1

Topic pretty much. but if i remember right in pokemon diamond, it was possible to transfer your GBA pokemons to the DS withing the pokemon diamond game it self. so... my question is: can you still do that in pokemon black/white? thx.

5 years ago#2
sort of, you need two DS however. You can move the pokemon from Diamond/Pearl/whatever to Black/White and as you said you can get the GBA pokemon into Diamond, its just a bit longer of a road the pokemon have to travel
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5 years ago#3

^ i see... but can i do it strait from GBA to black/white?

5 years ago#4
as far as I know the answer is no sadly, you need another DS along with a D/P
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5 years ago#5

damn..... oh well, thx for the info. :(

5 years ago#6
Yeah there's no way for you to send from the GBA to B/W. Like what they said, you have to transfer to another DS game then use a 2nd ds to transfer to this.
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5 years ago#7
Wait, can't you also transfer from GBA to SoulSilver?

I'm playing LeafGreen right now, so I'd like to do that, then transfer from SoulSilver to White.
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