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My Pokemon team

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2 years ago#1
Using some research. (And a lot of trading) I have assembled my pokemon team. I was wondering if anyone could give me any other ideas. I have 5 gym badges at the moment.

Lucario: Level 35

Focus Blast
Low Kick
Hi Jump Kick

Magnemite (everstone): Level 35

Hidden power (dark)
Magnet rise

Gabite: level 30

Dragon Rush
Roar of Time (?)

Lapras: level 34

Hydro pump
Ice beam

Staraptor: level 34

Close Combat
Brave Bird

Cobalion: level 42

False Swipe (For Legendaries)
Iron Head
Sacred Sword
(I haven't given it new moves yet.)

Any Ideas?
I have a Victini level 50 (All Original Moves) which will replace Cobalion. However, It doesn't obey me yet.
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2 years ago#2
First of all, great choice in the team. (especially the lucario!). But secondly, would you trade for Victini? Please, I'm working on completing my nat dex, and I'm like halfway done. (349 seen). If you will, tell me what you want for it. :D
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