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Pokegen Chansey help!!!

#1ZhethPosted 7/24/2013 6:29:33 PM
Alright, I'll start this off by mentioning I am in no way claiming to be a genius with Pokegen as I've only used it for the last three days. That being said, I've managed to create about a box-worth of legal Pokemon with no problems. Chansey, however, is giving me A LOT of trouble and it's incredibly frustrating.

After receiving several messages telling me there's a problem with her, I've decided to turn here to see if a Pokegen guru walks among us. According to Pokecheck, it's a "legit" Pokemon - so I'm not seeing why I'm having issues on the in-game check. The Chansey in question has completely legitimate moves: two through level-up, one through breeding, and one more through TM.

Here's the Pokecheck link, as I don't know if it's possible to attach the .pkm directly.

Thanks again for any and all help, guys!