Can't Tuck in Pokemon :( (3DS - 13209)

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3 years ago#1
For some reason, I can connect the internet just fine, but whenever I try to tuck a Pokemon in it sits there for 5 minutes and then I get error code 13209. 13209 just says there's wireless interference, but I have full bars on my 3DS and have never gotten this code before. There are wireless devices in my apartment, I just don't think the solution is asking everyone to turn off their laptops and iPhones so my game will work.

Has anyone else experienced this and figured it out?
3 years ago#2
Well, the DS version of the error (you're getting the error in-game, as opposed to the 3DS 'stopping' the game and giving you the error, right?) translates to this:

Error Code: 13209

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is currently experiencing problems due to a high amount of players, or is temporarily down. Please try again later.

I'm assuming it's just high traffic on the Dream World servers, which does happen on occasion. Wait a few hours or more, and try again.
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