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What Action Replay codes will bar you from the Global Link?

#1RakansenPosted 9/18/2013 5:20:15 PM
I've had to delete data from my past game and previous versions, but in doing so, I've deleted stuff like events that are usually only available through online or in-store promotions. Like the chance to change Rotom's forms in Platinum, or the Forest on SoulSilver where you can catch Pikachus on the Pokewalker that Fly and Surf.

What I'm trying to ask, is with the Global Link and a Pokemon Bank headed for the 3DS, is there a legit way to get event Pokemon and still be allowed access on the Global Link and Bank? I'm not gonna create a Pokemon out of thin air, because then I'd be barred entry.

Thx in advance!
#2Akira1256Posted 9/18/2013 5:56:17 PM(edited)
It's not really known what the Bank will consider to be 'hacked' Pokemon, yet.

If you're wanting to get event Pokemon, you can always try getting .pkm files of the event Pokemon and using one of the custom GTS servers, rather than use an Action Replay. (Effectively, getting clones of the event Pokemon.) However, I still can't guarantee the Bank would accept them, even IF they're clones of legitimate Pokemon.

For all I know, the Bank could check the DNS records on the fifth-gen games, see that you set it to one of the known 'fake' GTS sites at some point, and decide to not let you transfer anything. O_O

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#3TheMindGamerPosted 9/19/2013 1:31:46 AM
There are also ways to generate the event pokemon for files, but either way, if you've got something that amounts to a clone, there's very little the server could actually do to identify it. The DNS thing would just be a matter of having a second game, for instance. I'm expecting it to scan for illegal moves/abilities/levels at best. Probably a PID check, too.
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#4bandit_wolfPosted 9/25/2013 9:05:49 AM
Trade for them.
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