Poison heal gliscor help please :(

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3 years ago#1
Hello I am pretty new here so I am not sure if I am posting in the right spot :/
I have never been able to connect to the dream world due to a really strange error. My boyfriend and I have tried everything and have just accepted that it's never going to work. All I want is a poison heal gliscor so if anybody has been breeding them and would be willing to trade me one so I could breed it I would really appreciate it :)
3 years ago#2

First off, pokemon games have their own trading and battling boards. Next time, try the trade board first as people will check more frequently.

As for your request, I'd be happy to part with either a male to raise or a female for breeding. I'll be checking here periodically, but pm me if I don't get back to you today.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
3 years ago#3
Awesome! Thank you so much :)
If you had a female so I could breed it that would be perfect. I don't think I have ever done a trade like this before. What information do you need from me?
3 years ago#4
Happy to know my gligar will be in good hands.

In order to trade, I'm going to need you Friend Code and you'll have to register mine.
To do this, go into your key items bag and find the Pal Pad. There you can see your friend code as well as register others. (I'm assuming you're far enough in the game to have the pal pad)

Once that's done, go into any pokemon center and talk to the lady in the center of the top floor. After that, connect to wifi and we should be able to trade from there. Voice communication is allowed for some reason but press X before communicating with another person to turn it off.

And don't worry a bit for something good to trade back, I'm doing this for free.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
3 years ago#5
Okay cool! My friend code is 4213 6662 9057
3 years ago#6
Please join me in the wifi club as soon as you see this and register the fc in my sig. It's getting late and I'd like to have this done soon.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
3 years ago#7
What do we do now?
3 years ago#8
Sorry, had some connection bugs. Should work now.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
3 years ago#9
Yaaaay thank you! :D
3 years ago#10
No problem and enjoy it!

Poison heal Gliscor's one of my personal favorites and I hope it serves you well.
White 2 FC- 4299 1080 3523
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  3. Poison heal gliscor help please :(

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