Team building for Elite 4, N, and Gheists

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3 years ago#1
So I'm trying to come up with a good team to go up against the elite 4, N, and gheists. Problem is I'm feel kinda lost after not doing this after so many years of not playing pokemon. Last time I played was around Gold/Silver when you only had to think of the Elite 4 and your rival.

Requirements I'm setting up:

-No starters
-No Legandaries (Except for Zekrom event)
-Can only be from the Unova pokedex

I also want to do some ev training on them when i figure out what moves I want them to learn in the roles I want them in.

Any help is appreciated guys.
3 years ago#2
So this is my team lineup

1. Chandelure - Flame Body - Bold nature
2. Krookodile - Moxie - Impish nature
3. Scrafty - Moxie - Careful nature
4. Eelektross - Levitate - Impish nature
5. Reuniclus - Overcoat - Lax nature

Now I have another question. Should i teach them two or three STAB moves plus one coverage. I'm thinking two what are your guys ideas.

Still need to look at thier base stats and decide what role I want them in :S

Was looking at guides so i think i have a good mix of types.
3 years ago#3
I mean, in terms of type coverage, you've done well so far. Might be useful to get some Water or Ground resistance on since it's the only two types that you've got nothing to wall with. Also, your team is generally slow - your fastest Pokémon is Krookodile and it's base speed only goes up to 92.

I would recommend something along the lines of Whimsicott - Covers both Water and Ground defensively, and few Pokémon outspeed it in Unova (Zebritska, Accelgor, Tornadus).

Sadly, it doesn't have a very good learnset, so you might have to invest on TM's to make it worthwhile.
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