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Pokegen question (wild Pokemon had my ability O_o)

#1SSaiyamanPosted 2/27/2014 2:51:55 AM
So, I've been using Pokegen since it came out, pretty much. I hadn't used it in a while since I got out of playing Pokemon and my laptop took a crap. I got everything back up and running on my new laptop and got into using Pokegen to make teams again.

I made a Harvest Exeggcute and went to fight a Lilipup in the first grass section. When my Exeggcute used his Sitrus Berry, it said LILIPUP's Harvest activated. I don't think Pokegen works on anything but editing the Pokemon that the TRAINER owns. I think the Pokemon who Exeggcute replaced in my team was a Lilipup, but that shouldn't mean anything. When I made a Zapdos with Drizzle, my faster opponents who I'd replaced with Zapdos didn't have Drizzle activate. This is the first time in the dozens of Pokemon teams I've made where this has happened. And not only did Lilipup have Harvest, my Exeggcute's Harvest was not activating. Is this a known bug?
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#2SSaiyaman(Topic Creator)Posted 2/27/2014 2:55:41 AM
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