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3 badges down, party recommendation moving forward

#1Wallnuts17Posted 3/27/2014 2:57:14 AM
Hey all. I just got to the city where you get your 4th badge here's my current party it's well rounded but wondering if any changes should be made because I just caught a bunch of new ones. I'm talking more recommendations for further in the game not just to win this badge. Thanks!

Dewott 24
Herdier 21
Munna 24
Sawk 22
Pansear 25
Blitzle 22

Here's what I've got in my boxes that id consider using
Archen 25
Marcatus 20
Yamask 21
Daramuka 16
Petilil 15
Sandile 16
Scraggy 17
Pidove 16
Audino 15
#2GastroFanPosted 3/29/2014 6:28:44 PM
Keep Sawk; replace Pansear with Darumaka (its evolved form, Darmanitan, can be a real beast). Elesa's gym is electric; she uses Emolgas that can only be taken out with either rock or ice moves since they're electric/flying. Blitzle will be of no use in her gym; so you're better off putting Blitzle in the box for now and replacing it with a pokemon that knows rock or ice moves, preferably a ground type if you can find it.

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#3Pokemon5789Posted 3/30/2014 12:53:01 PM
I recon you should swap pansear with darumaka keep sawk and munna and maybe evolve it into musharana. Munna/ musharana is really handy because of yawn. I would also use sandile