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Regarding permanent Share lossNine_Tails13718/27 5:23PM
Is this game fully voiced, unlike re;birth?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Azardea158/21 3:11PM
Some newgame+ questions
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
LancetJades438/16 11:51AM
Has anyone figured out how processors affect CPU stats?LancetJades28/14 12:37PM
dlc to help with game (Archived)Isual37/10 10:36AM
the final final battle (Archived)coolotakufan36/18 4:51AM
"Nurse" Achievement - How to get? (Archived)Gardevoir_ex25/14 5:39PM
My first stab at trying one of these more sketchy looking games (Archived)ChristianWalker14/28 7:33PM
What's with the weapons that nobody can equip? (Archived)Gardevoir_ex44/4 12:45AM
Two things I love about this game (gameplay wise) (Archived)Gardevoir_ex33/18 10:58PM
Distance between landmasses - does it mean anything? (Archived)Gardevoir_ex33/18 10:29PM
go to leanbox one scenario one timed place (Archived)mrp819623/11 12:47PM
Any money tricks? (Archived)Shaunty11/25 4:23PM
Collection on PS4? (Archived)shadowenclave47212/20 7:05PM
How easy is it to lock yourself out of Histoire Enthusiast trophy? (Archived)BurgerTime79612/8 2:10PM
Question about goddesses and end game SPOILERS (Archived)goofoff06311/27 9:01PM
Missing One Last Dungeon? (Archived)oldmango211/19 7:39AM
Possible to go through game with only first heal? (Archived)goofoff06211/16 3:36PM
Missing monster: Red Lurian/Can't find Hero Shrine's Forest? (Archived)hyakulegger210/20 9:27AM
4 Events missing (Archived)MagamisI28/23/2014
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