Phoenix W. creator says if we show enough interest he'll fight for him MvC3- pt2

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How come people say Phoenix doesn't fight? He DOES fight! Look at SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters DS, he fights in that game. I mean, sure, it's in the form of a card, but it still counts.
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What the hell, we have 911 signatures already? We are getting slightly faster!
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921 signatures!

Only 94 more to go till 1015!
I bet Storm and Magneto are in MvC3 and I'll keep this sig til they're confirmed.
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From: CursedSasuke2
Look Phoenix wright fans, niitsuma has deconfirmed him and you must respect his wishes. He has reasons why Phoenix isn't in which i can guess is that it is difficult to make a moveset for him. besides, why have a lawyer that doesn't fight when there are more deserving characters like Jon Talbain and Bass?

why bother? the guy could say he has no chance of getting in and they would still squeal over him getting in.

How come people say Phoenix doesn't fight? He DOES fight! Look at SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters DS, he fights in that game. I mean, sure, it's in the form of a card, but it still counts.

its funny enough to say that it "counts", but you do know "100-600 damage based on a die" is about as relevant to him as a fighter as edgeworth having a "Draw cards" ability card. it'd be like trying to prove a checkpoint from a sonic game could be in a fighting game if it was in "sonic card fighter" as an attack that was "if you have over 50 points, do damage based on your total HP X amount of cards in deck" >_<

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I want Phoenix Wright in MvC3 too!
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Haters gonna hate. And Phoenix is much more popular than Jon talbain and bass lmfao. Takumi gave us a chance were taking advantage of it.
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I'll post this here too. Using only the first game as the basis for a moveset, I came up with this in about 5 minutes:

Phoenix Wright:
L: Light -- M: Medium -- H: Heavy -- X: Exchange
s: Standing -- c: Crouching -- j: Jumping
QCB: Quarter Circle Back motion -- ChB,F: Charge Back, Forward

sL: The "Point" of injustice
sM: A shoulder charge (of justice) moves him forward
sH: Swings the heavy Thinker Statue in a wide arc above his head.
sX: Spins his briefcase in a horizontal 360 degree arc. Knocks the opponent far away.

cL: Phoenix does a clumsy crouching punch.
cM: Phoenix flails backwards, clumsily kicking a few times. Moves him backwards slightly.
cH: Phoenix fires off an Oxygen canister that fires upwards with a whole bunch of streamers and stuff attached to it. Anti air, but lot's of cooldown. Pheonix plugs his ears and looks away as he does it.
cX: Pheonix does a breifcase uppercut, launching the opponent into the air for follow up.

jL: Phoenix does a flailing sort of kick (Think Slayer in Guilty Gear)
jM: Phoenix does a double foot stomp
jH: Phoenix uses the Steel Samurai's spear to attack at a downward angle
jX: Phoenix swings his briefcase to knock the opponent in the appropriate direction

Phoenix counters any incoming attacks with heavy damage and high knockback. Gives him super armor. [ASSIST TYPE A]
Phoenix flings assorted evidence from his briefcase at the opponent. The strength of the attack determines the lob strength of the evidence. Evidence is assorted objects found throughout his case files. [ASSIST TYPE B]
ChB,F + L, M: HOLD IT!
If L: a grounded opponent (non blocking) within a short to mid range becomes momentarily stunned. Does no damage and doesn't last long, but long enough for Phoenix to rush in or tag out.
If M: an airborne opponent within a short range becomes momentarily stunned. Does no damage and doesn't last long, but allows Pheonix to start an air combo or tag out. [ASSIST TYPE C]

Level 2s:
ChB,F + M + H: Dick Gumshoe
Gumshoe barges in, doing an almost Juggernaut type dash. Medium range.
QCB + M + H: Maya Fey
Maya pops in behind Phoenix and summons a bunch of rising spirits. They rise in a wave pattern.
ChB, F + L + M: Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth comes in and yells "NOT SO FAST" or something along those lines. Functions as both the air and ground type of HOLD IT! both with medium range.

Level 3:
The judge appears in the middle of the screen and starts slamming his giant gavel furiously

Phoenix's animations are meant to look clumsy and awkward. He sometimes looks away, covers his eyes, plugs his ears, cowers, but in the end gets the job done. His style is a keepaway / counter based one, where he flings evidence and counters during and opening when they rush through. His M attacks are mostly for spacing, moving him forward and backward to allow him to keep control. His H attacks use murder weapons from his previous cases, and his X attacks use his briefcase for high knockback. Yes, I know he doesn't actually have a briefcase in the games (at least not one that's depicted, anyway) but for a lawyer character it just fits, y'know?

Phoenix can fight. Get over it, haters.
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Oh the lulz, I remember when we had a voting campaign for L block
Ill add something here later....
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Franziska von Karma should be in as well!
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