Who can Break the Shield of Captain America? (For Capcom Characters only)

#1scorpionpwnsallPosted 9/9/2010 3:29:21 AM
Captain America's Shield is made entirely of Vibranium. Since WW2 a Scientist tried making a special kind of metal for their armored vehicles. When he slept, unknown factors started bonding the metals he was working on. Thus Cap's shield was born. Of course in the Marvel universe, it was dented by Thor, destroyed by Thanos, molecularized by molecule man and had Vibranium Cancer.

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But which Capcom character can break Cap's Mighty Shield.
#2Lord_Shadow_19Posted 9/9/2010 4:02:46 AM
It's a unique vibranium-steel alloy that's never been duplicated, it's not just vibranium.

I can't think of anyone that could destroy it since the only people to have ever damaged it were omnipotent or nearly so.
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Thanos with the infinity gauntlet did it.

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Probably Pyron.
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I know this is about Mega Man X again but dont worry, its not just him. There are two characters in the Capcom Universe that can actually destroy it, Morrigan and Mega Man X.

The reason im saying Morrigan can destroy it is because she is one of the most powerful Capcom characters who can obliterate entire planets. She is the netherworld queen with the most mana in their universe.

As for Mega Man X, he'll only be able to destroy it if he taps into his full potential. The Mega Man X mooks show the Ultimate Armor as being some of X's seemingly limitless potential. Although the games got that as a secret Armor, and with its Nova Strike, it was made very weak so that the gameplay isnt broken. Though according to the mooks, X can Nova Strike through the core of a planet and detonate it. Also, there's another move called the Nova Shot which never appeared in the games which is capable of doing so as well. However, in the games X never tapped into the full extent of his seemingly limitless potential. If you were to make the X from the game story to damage the shield, he wouldnt succeed imo.

Well, if an attack can destroy a planet then imo it can destroy or dent a shield like that too. Possibly Morrigan and X are your best bets here.
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Also, I forgot, In DMC4 Dante uses the Yamato from very far off to cut through the wind and destroy a very huge demon gate from very far off. If the same Yamato were to be used Cannon wise on Cap's shield, I think that might work too.

Other than that, I cant think of anything tta could break it.
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Vibranium Cancer.

ROFL, seriously? Comics are so ridiculous.
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dante,i guess he could get some speical demon weapon,like beowlf

morrigon,apparently from eariler posts in this board,she has some reality warping powers,so she should "cheat" to break it

viewtiful joe going from the anime cartoon can apparently can increase is power and strength dramticlly from the hopes and dreams of people,the more people the more power

megaman/zero,surely that universe should have metal equal or greater than what captain america uses in his shield


ryu,at the highest point of his current power (though maybe not,i'm not sure of ryu,even akuma)
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Hulk can't break Cap's shield no matter how pissed he gets, so strength alone does nothing. It'd have to be something along the lines of an intensely strong mystical power.

Pyron, Morrigan at her full potential, and MAYBE Demitri and Anakaris. I'm not sure of the limits of their mystic power.

Dante using one of his stronger weapons in Devil Trigger POSSIBLY.

No tech weapon could break through, which means X is out. Vibranium has weird properties so tech-based energy weapons wouldn't do that much to it.

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Yeah, I don't quite recall it ever being so much as dented by anything other than cosmic or mystic things. An enraged Thor (Rune King Thor?) once dented the thing, Thanos with the IG shattered it, and Doom with the Beyonder's powers broke it, but those last two are so above anything Capcom has, its not even funny.

Were there any other times it got damaged? I think I remember back in the mid 90s that it broke due to sea pressure or something, but I'm not quite sure.
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