Giving Morrigan a Lilith mode

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6 years ago#1
Well earlier I suggested giving Ryu a Ken and Akuma mode (like MVC2) and maybe a Sakura mode. How about giving Morrigan a Lilith mode? Her outfit would change colors, as well as her hair, and then give her the moves and abilities of Lilith.
6 years ago#2
would her cup size change?
Albert Wesker
6 years ago#3
Well that may be too much work, ideally there would be some shrinkage in the chest region, and her hair would be much shorter too. Just changing hair color and outfit though, doesn't really require much.
6 years ago#4
id prefer lilith as her own character
6 years ago#5
id prefer lilith as her own character

This, although I doubt it'll happen.

Lilith Morrigan is fine and all, but I really just want Lilith. - "Edit this out"

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