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Controls question (Archived)Eremyndil14/9/2013
Soundtrack's finally on youtube. (Archived)JiZamez18/27/2012
Question about the ending's connection to the 3D title *Spoilers* (Archived)Lisker36/29/2012
Just for fun: A Bionic Commando Timeline (Spoilers for BCR1, BCR2 and BC09) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
ZeroBeats Ghost287/22/2011
Does the 360 version have DRM like the PS3 version? (Archived)FriendlyFella37/20/2011
Finally able to play it and it rocks. (Archived)Cosmic Mayhem93/26/2011
You can shoot the arm forward without ducking. (Archived)M120T93/23/2011
I will buy this game when they patch in the classic swinging mechanics. (Archived)
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How to beat bionic lab boss in 4 easy steps! (spoilers) (Archived)thetimewarrior13/18/2011
Prestige run (Archived)
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Descent (Archived)harrisonosirrah23/5/2011
So, sequel or no sequel? (Archived)yoomazir53/4/2011
Favorite Upgrades/Abilities (or, the joy of uppercut) (Archived)Topkick197543/3/2011
Having trouble getting the first secret in General Headquarters (Archived)GoTeamVenture8533/1/2011
gamespot has it in for bionic commando (Archived)thetimewarrior13/1/2011
If I liked the demo of this game, would I like the full thing? (Archived)Solid_SOAP42/27/2011
Ancient Chambers Freeze Issue (Archived)13childish72/25/2011
Keep falling through the floor (Archived)fangornkaiser22/25/2011
Beat the game, unlocked Retro Mode, and now I can't find it. (Archived)GamerTai62/24/2011
Character alteration in mainstream title = Better game? *Spoilers* (Archived)StroutX92/20/2011
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