blazers association

#1penomallatlifePosted 5/29/2011 6:57:20 PM
I started an association w/ the blazers because i saw them as a great and versatile team in quick games online. I like this team because in association when completely healthy they have a lot of scoring routes and options, including wes, b-roy, L.A., and Gerald wallace. They can run any tempo, push the break or take it slow and kill you with their size. So I tweaked it a bit and my association looks like this:
Raymond Felton
Gerald Wallace
Greg Oden

And the Bench:
Wes (6th)
Deandre Jordan
Patrick Mills
Armon Johnson (bench)
D.J. White(Prospect)
Craig Smith(Bench)
Earl Barron(Bench)

I run most of my offense through the starters and the bench will bloom into tremendous talent in wes and Deandre. I trade Miller because he didnt fit my style of play and wasnt a real threat to score. I also felt he wasnt worth his contract. I traded Camby so I woldnt hinder Greg's growth as dominant center(yes i am a fan of his btw) and he is wonderful. He rebounds and blocks like crazy and is a legitimate scoring threat in the post. I want a better back up point man (mills is inconsistant), and I did trade nich batum but i sorely regret it because i lack a scoring bench. I will get him back but i felt as thoug his talent would create role issues for the team. I also am in search for cheap back ups for Wallace and L.A. I have won 6 straight to a 6-0 start (29 games) and have 4 potential all-stars in Oden, Roy, L.A., and Wallace. They simply take turns leading the other three going off for 30 while the other three score for 17-21.

Tell me what you think. Should i consider getting nich batum back, and what backup PFs would fit my versatile tempo and physical paint game for cheap?