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User Info: ZarathustraX

6 years ago#1
This board belongs to me.

I came here to lurk. See if anybody thought this game was good. Looks like an Evony ripoff if you ask me.

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User Info: phobos1234

6 years ago#2
All your board are belong to us.

User Info: DarkDruidSS

6 years ago#3
I started playing it. Looks interesting. I have something very similar on my Droid phone called Pocket Empires. When you make your city you can't be attacked for at least 7 days so you have time to build up.
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User Info: keystone1221

6 years ago#4
It's Evony with polish, and made by a company that doesn't try to steal your ID.

User Info: llocen

6 years ago#5
I've been playing it for a couple of days and I am enjoying it. I haven't gotten past the building period so I don't how it will be once I can be attacked but I am having fun so far.

User Info: XClaudeX

6 years ago#6
Evony is a ripoff of countless other similar games, just that one has misleading advertisements.

LoU is pretty fun so far, it's impressive that it's made without flash, and I also like the strategic & min/max elements in building placement.
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User Info: daytona_178

6 years ago#7


User Info: Infyra

6 years ago#8
Its been pretty unstable the past 2 days but I still had fun with it before that.
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