How far can you string along both Ashley and Miranda romances?

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I understand there are quite a few topics on this, but there has yet to be a definitive answer. Has anyone figured it out?
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bump! Please help!
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Not far, there wont be any real indicator you need to make a choice, ashley will send you a message saying to meet up in presidium commons, pretty far into the game, and miranda will want to meet in an apartment, if you choose to get with either of them there, its done. FYI, you can actually go to mirandas before you get her message telling you to meet her, her third message.
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I'd like to know too!!
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Good luck, no one knows. If they do they won't tell you lol.
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I believe it's the point where you visit Miranda & Ashley at the Presidium Commons. If you choose to continue to romance Ashley, it'll break it off with Miranda... and vice-versa if you continue to romance Miranda.

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So pretty much I can tell both of them I am interested, but need to cut off the decision when either Miranda invites me to her apartment, or Ashley invites me to the Commons?
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Will I potentially screw up tali's romance by following ash's romance until tali's options open up?

Or will I get an ultimatum like ME2?
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(And from what I understand, Miranda inviting me to her apartment probably happens much sooner in the game?)