Renegade scars from mass effect 2

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4 years ago#1

So my shepard has tese badass looking scars and red eyes from being pure renegade badass in mass effect 2 do this look carry over to 3?

4 years ago#2
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4 years ago#3
My looks didn't carry over but they did start coming back when I kept making renegade actions. Maybe it was because I was a renegon and not a full blown renegade.
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4 years ago#4

can anyone else confirm this ?

4 years ago#5


4 years ago#6
I was full on 'gade in two but my scars and glowing red eyes didnt carry over. As you make the choices through the 3rd one they come back though
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4 years ago#7
If you finish ME3 with a renegade the scars import the finished game to ME3 NG+ :D
4 years ago#8
You guys must've accidentally pet a kitten or something in between 2 and 3 and lost the red eyes.
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