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Freedan the Eternal posted...

The Illusive Man also plays a prominent role, and Cerberus is out to kill Shepard. Reason why is unknown at this point.

Makes sense for paragon Shep. Blowing up the reaper base and stealing the SR2 from Cerberus means they can't trust Shepard.
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*Sees Ashley*

*Looks at Liara*

How am I going to kill you...
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any mention of new squad members? other than this james person
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Thanks TC
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Tali better be a squadmate or I will be f***ing pissed
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Thank you, Freedan. You've made my night.
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I hate to rain, but the part about possibly no Legion, Mordin, or Wrex as squadmates, though? FAIL if true. Anderson not being a party member isn't surprising.
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All of this information sounds ****ing awesome

I was terrified for ME3 after DAII, but it sounds like Bioware has their **** together.