Called it months ago: Earth is just the prologue.

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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

5 years ago#41
I suppose my canon Shep will do the same. Use the original. Although I used to rock with Ashley and Wrex. Oh well, at least I have some of the team. I guess I'll use an ME2 oldies then if they are there.

User Info: javierabegazo

5 years ago#42
hey guys, couple of things:

1.OP, thank you so much for posting :)

2. I'm keeping track of all the Mass Effect 3 info that's going to be pouring out so soon, and will have it all consolidated here with links and pictures galore as I find them

So feel free to bookmark it, and if you see a discrepancy, or have something to add, please let me know

User Info: thatguy212

5 years ago#43
OP can you post more scans?

User Info: JessofBlades

5 years ago#44
damn it, the one time I want to see Game Informer in my mailbox. It better be here in the morning

User Info: Aloc-Acoc

5 years ago#45
^^^ THIS!!!! IDK if my subscription ran out or what. I sure hope not.

User Info: gamesharkdude2

5 years ago#46
Well, Garrus being confirmed makes me want to beat ME2 again.
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User Info: Iokua

5 years ago#47
Yeah, so, when does GI ship to stores? As I would actually buy it for this.

Also, you can't brag about calling something that virtually everyone knew would be the case. I was one of the first people on this board to claim that ME3 would probably start with a trial based on Arrival, and if this really is the case... then I could claim that I called it. Would I? No, as it's pretty damned obvious.
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User Info: Trambient

5 years ago#48
Guh, so much for media blackout. Really wanted to go into ME3 with fresh eyes, but I knew I wouldn't be able to. I'm gonna eat up every bit of info I see.

Not like I was gonna avoid anything Bioware shares while I'm at E3 anyway.
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User Info: FreedanEternal

5 years ago#49
thatguy212 posted...
OP can you post more scans?

Most of them are just generic engineered shots, like an extreme close up of Shepard rifle-butting a Cerberus trooper, or various impossible impossible to play camera angles of Shepard shooting at said troopers, not true gameplay.

Here, though:

Batarian Husk (it's the eyes that give it away)

Rachni Soldier Husk

And a horribly blurred shot of the Reaper invasion.
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User Info: Shah138

5 years ago#50

This is just art correct? Also, the Batarian Husk kinda looks like he has a gun on his right hand.
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