Called it months ago: Earth is just the prologue.

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5 years ago#61
Good thing I remained faithful to Ashley, looks like a complete makeover. I wonder if Anderson will still look like a outer space potato man
Big Apple, 3 A.M.
5 years ago#62
Ashely actually looks the same. Look closely at her face. To me, it's just her hair that's making the big difference. Her clothes are nice too.
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5 years ago#63
Eh. Maybe it's just me then
Big Apple, 3 A.M.
5 years ago#64
Damn that's great, I am so hyped now!!! Can't wait to port over my badass Shepard. And damn Ashley looks hot now :D
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5 years ago#65
That sounds AMAZING!

My excitment level went through the roof.
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5 years ago#66
It has a November release, right? Or is it still just Q4?
Big Apple, 3 A.M.
5 years ago#67
Everyone from ME1 is confirmed to be back in 3... except for Tali.

ROFL Bioware totally trolling. I mean c'mon, they even confirmed Udina. I guess even they're sick of all the Talimancers on BSN.
5 years ago#68

From: _MojoCraft_ | #026
Tali better be a squadmate or I will be f***ing pissed

I pray to the heavens that she has nothing more than a 2 minute cameo.
5 years ago#69
I bet Tali will be a squadmate if she gets exiled. She's got nowhere else to go.

But if you acquitted her, she'll go back to the flotilla. I would damn well hope she has a significant NPC role, though.
5 years ago#70
I apparently I accurately predicted the opening of Mass Effect 3 LOL......Have a look:

EDIT: WOOPS wrongs you go...

Fourth page near the bottom.....
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