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Using Gibbed for Xbox save file

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4 years ago#1

I found this tutorial on how to get my old ME1 character's face back which involves using ME2 save file in gibbed save editor.

I transfered the xbox save file into the pc via USB but gibbed doesn't recognize the format.

Does anyone know how to do this?

4 years ago#2
Hope this doesn't violate anything because I know you are just trying to get your character's face right, so here it goes. Be gentle mods :)

You have to use Modio to extract the .xbsav data from the actual file on you HDD. Extract your save from your usb to your PC. Then open it in Modio. In Modio, you can actually expand the save file and see the .xbsav files (actual save points). This is what Gibbed is looking for.

Follow the instructions you've seen around the web to get your face code and input that into ME3. My character wasn't a 1:1 match but it was way closer than I expected and only needed a little tweaking to be acceptable.
The Voice of Reason
4 years ago#3

violate anything? Am I wrong to post this? Anyways thanks for replying. Yeah managed to get it on gibbed but had to get the xbox 360 XTAF explorer too.

 I haven't tried inputing the codes on ME3 yet but if it works can i post a tutorial here for others? the information seems to be scattered and it might help others if i just put everything here.

Also, if it doesn't work, can I try with my ME1 save file on gibbed? Because even from ME1 to ME2 the faced changed but i didn't think i could do anything about it back then.

4 years ago#4
I've been wondering about these save game editors myself... Will they corrupt my save file? Cause my gamertag to be banned from Xbox live?
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4 years ago#5
Sorry if a little off topic,but in order to use a downloaded save game file from,do you need to already have a game save from mass effect 2?
Suddenly I've Dominated
4 years ago#6
Can't you just load up Mass Effect 2 -> go to the Squad screen -> look at the face code at the top -> enter that face code into the box in the Mass Effect 3 character creation screen?
4 years ago#7
patoriku_tora posted...
I've been wondering about these save game editors myself... Will they corrupt my save file? Cause my gamertag to be banned from Xbox live?

Why would making a custom single player file get you banned from xbl?

I mean most of the things you do with a save editor are things you could achieve through the game normally. Custom faces and multiple romances or w/e aren't, but they have no effect on multiplayer at all and there would be no reason to ban you. I doubt they can even detect it at all.

I believe Bioware had a bunch of save mod topics on their forums.

I've used the editor for ME2 before and haven't had issues with corruption. You can always make a back up of your save just in case.
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4 years ago#8
No one answered my question :(
Suddenly I've Dominated
4 years ago#9

patoriku_tora: I don't really understand your question, how would it corrupt your save file? unless you plan to copy it back to your xbox HDD after using the editor. What I'm doing is, import the ME1 character into ME2 start a new game save it. Then transfer that new career save file into an USB, therefore not damaging my previous older career saves. I open it in the editor just to get the details on the character creation, e.g. brow width, jaw height, etc. I'll try tomorrow and update here on the results.

thepain718: Sorry the process I used had nothing to do with, not sure what that site is about. What are you trying to do?

joyce_181502: I tried that but it didn't work, the faces looked nothing like my character, maybe I wasn't using the right presets, different presets give different results. Although, I've read some people who've had results doing this.

4 years ago#10

I posted a new topic that has all the links and steps:

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