how does the MP rank up work?

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4 years ago#1
I am at 62. Which equals all the levels i have hit for each class. where does the numbers like 200-900 come from?
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4 years ago#2
i believe the higher numbers include promotions. not 100% sure
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4 years ago#3
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4 years ago#4
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4 years ago#5
like fully ranking up a class? or a character in the class?
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4 years ago#6

From: kniferun187 | #005
like fully ranking up a class? or a character in the class?

yeah when any class reaches lvl 20 you can then promote that character as a war asset in singleplayer and i believe it also adds a certain amount to the N7 level
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4 years ago#7
thank you.
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4 years ago#8
When you get a class to level 20 (in my case It was my Vanguards) you get the option to promote them.

You get 10 added to your N7 number (total level), some bonus for single player, and they get reset. You don't lose any weapons, but you have to redeploy them (name them and change their colors like when you first started them). If you had any appearance bonuses (or presumably either of the aliens in that class) you still have those unlocked too, but the people are back to level 1.
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4 years ago#9
Gaining a level in any class will give 1 rank per level. If you have a class with levels (due to cards from packs etc) but no characters 'deployed' then starting a character of that class will give you levels equal to the level of the created character. Leveling a character to 20 thus gives you 20 rank. Promoting gives you another 10. Level that character again to 20 and you'll have another 20 ranks. So, promoting a character once and releveling it to 20 yields 50 rank.

So, lets say you have 4 character's you've played:

A level 15 human adept, a level 12 human soldier, a level 13 human engineer, and a level 20 human infiltrator. Your rank should be 60 (15+13+12+20).

You've probably bought a few packs and given some exp to Sentinel and Vanguards. You just unlocked a Turian Sentinel and decide to play it, and your sentinels are level 7. because you haven't deployed one yet, you will get 7 more rank for creating the Sentinel. Your rank should now be 67 (15+13+12+20).

Lets say you then decide to promote your level 20 Infiltrator and start a new one at level 1. Your rank should now be 78 (15+13+12+20+7+10+1). You get a full extraction from Bronze with your new infiltrator and now you're level 5.

Your rank should now be 82 (15+13+12+20+7+10+5).

Now I'm not entirely sure that level 1 counts for 1 point in rank, but considering the highest rank in the beta was 120 (6*20) because you couldn't promote then I'm assuming it does.
4 years ago#10
I understand now.

well i do not really understand where the 7 rank came from. but its irrelevant i get the main point.

thanks again to the helpful ones.

basically you can pick your favorite class and just use it all the time and still rank up.
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