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4 years ago#1
1. What is most war assets can the Salarians contribute in ME3?

I was reading an article which wrote this fo the perfect ending:

- ME1 killed Wrex
- ME2 saved the genophage cure
- ME3 convinced Mordin to sabotage - ME3 save Eve

It never said how much war assets the Salarians actually brought to ME3. Wrex is my favorite character along with tali and Liara, and in ME3, we can assume in the final push to take back Earth, Wrex is dead (assume because of the cut scene).

So basically its a choice between the Salarians and Mordin vs Krogans and Wrex.

I know the outcomes for my 1st questions, i just don't know how much assets the Salarians bring?

I know if you killed Wrex in ME1 you can save Mordin in ME3, and if you keep Wrex alive, Mordin has to die. I'm only going to kill Wrex if the Salarians can increase my assets (more then 140 currently).

2. Has anybody seen the cut scene with Liara's father dying or some Asari dying on Thessa that ties with Liara's sadness? I'm not 100% sure where (which trailer, convention, etc) i saw the cut scene on YouTube before ME3 came out.

3. Whatever happened to the human council from ME2? As we know if ME3, even if you killed the council in ME1, in ME3 the council is still an Asari, Turian and a Salarian but a nicer version.
4 years ago#2
3. What are the default love interests? In my 1st playthrough i romanced Liara and didn't talk to anybody much in the Normandy.

In my 2nd playthrough i romanced Garrus and didn't talk to anybody much in the Normandy.

In my 3rd playthrough i romanced Ashley talked to my squad mates and saw Garrus and Tali kissing.
4 years ago#3
sorry ^ i meant question 4
4 years ago#4
1. To get the most from the salarians, either Kirrahe or Thane need to live. Let Mordin cure the genophage. You'll initially lose salarian support, but when Kirrahe/Thane stops Kai Leng from assassinating the salarian councillor, you'll get their support back, along with the krogan's support. If Wrex is alive but you sabotage the cure, you'll eventually lose the krogan's support. It helps if Eve lives, so save Maelon's data.

2. Don't know.

3. Udina becomes concillor in ME3 regardless of who you choose in ME2. He dies during the coup (around the same time as Kai Leng's assassination attempt).
4 years ago#5
Sorry, misread 3. The human council is replaced with a new asari/turian/salarian council. The biggest difference is that the salarian councillor is female.
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