I cream my jeans

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4 years ago#1
when I think about a full Asari team in Gold.

One Vanguard, two Adepts, and a Justicar.

I can't wait.
GT: Obstreperosity
4 years ago#2
i loves me the asari.
I believe this topic and every message in it falls under the generally considered patently offensive category and demand a mod delete it!!
4 years ago#3
i love blue and i love this topic
Is it not ironic how time is infinite yet so limited?
4 years ago#4
j****d in my pants lol
4 years ago#5
Two Krogan Soldiers
One Krogan Vanguard
One Krogan Sentinel

All we need is a Krogan Infiltrator
I'm pretty sure the Crucible was supposed to harness the dark energy of Haestrom to destroy the Reapers
4 years ago#6
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