Just Solo'd Gold w/ Soldier lvl 18, class setup inside

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Hey guys, so far I've solo'd with SI and Femguard but was reading up on all the soldier hate and how they can't handle gold so I decided to give the solo run a shot. Game was against Cerberus on Giant.

Here is how my class was set up
AR: 6/6 all defensive
FG: 5/6 (I was never used to using grenades so this was rarely used)
AT: 4/6 weapon damage for rank 4
F: 6/6 all health

GPS X w/Ammo&Damage and Carnifex X w/AP&Damage

Ammo: Warp 3
Weap: Shot. Rail 3
Armor: Shield Power Cells 3

To be honest this was the first time I've ever used the GPS, and one of the few times I've used the soldier class. It shows in the video since I was out of my element, so I mainly played defensively. Not to mention some of my shots were just horrendous.

GPS is a great gun, but I enjoy sniping more. I normally main Sal. Infil. and use the Widow/Valiant, or Justicar w/ Phaeston/Avenger. In hindsight, since this was a fresh lvl 18 build, I would have rather gone with rank 5 headshot damage than placing points in concussive shot. I rarely used that power. That probably would have made the game go a bit easier. My main concern going into the game were phantoms and guardians, which is why I went with warp ammo and armor piercing with the carnifex.

I have the video which I haven't decided how to upload yet since there really isn't much to talk about for an hour hah. I will check out some YT vids and see how everyone else is uploading them. Not sure if people are interested in the entirety of the game, maybe just start from wave 6, or just edit the crap out of it lay some music and show key portions of the video. I'm up for suggestions.

Anyway here's a pic of my final score. I'll update when I have the video up. If anyone has any questions, let me know.


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Just post the video :)
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I don't buy it
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So what are your thoughts about the class?
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Captain_Castle posted...
I don't buy it

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I can't figure out what species you were xD

I'm not familiar with the classes and their powers.
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LINK676 posted...
I can't figure out what species you were xD

I'm not familiar with the classes and their powers.

Human Soldier

Adrenaline Rush
Concussive Shot
Frag Grenade
Alliance Training

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congrats, since i am not one of the ones bashing classes I have nothing to lose in your success!
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Good job, but 98 minutes? Great attention span or just dedicated to making the H soldier work, oh well like it matters. *thumbs up*

How many equipment did you use?

What objectives did you have?

How lucky were you? *be honest* :)))
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link_15 posted...
So what are your thoughts about the class?

Honestly, I think it does need work. The other classes just outshine the soldier on the damage they can do on gold. The class' saving grace is Adrenaline Rush. Shield restore saved my ass countless times during the solo run. You're not going to be getting fast xp/credits with this class. The only reason I had it at 18 was because of all the character cards I kept getting for it.