Easiest map to do Cerberus Gold ?

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3 years ago#1
what is the easiest map to do gold challange versus cerberus? preferably one with a good camping spot to avoid atluses and channel enemies down a fatal funnel. what are 1 or 2 of the easiest maps to fight cerberus on? thanks
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3 years ago#2
Dagger should be a no-brainer really. White I suppose too, just camp at the starting point.
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3 years ago#3
Ghost is pretty good.
3 years ago#4
glacier , get a team that will move together with you and you can systematically move around the map and destroy all the spawns before they get a chance to fortify.

Dagger lets them spread out to a huge degree, its very hard to keep enemies in check here. People seem to prefer dagger because its so big and has a little campnest, it has its downsides.
3 years ago#5
Dagger is pretty easy.
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3 years ago#6
Dagger is relatively easy simply because you can control the spawns so readily. Atlases are a complete joke on that map because they take so long to move around to you. It's not a complete cakewalk, as it has some nasty hacking objective sites. The one near the ladder just outside the building is particularly bad, due to a complete lack of cover and four potential directions for enemies to come from. The one on the far side with the chest-high walls can be even worse since the enemies will be spawning right on top of it if you're camped out up top.

The absolute easiest though in my opinion is Giant, especially if you have a few snipers. It's the same as White in that you can easily funnel enemies down a huge long strip and pick them off from an elevated position. Its hacking objective sites are pretty comfortable too, save for the one right in the middle.

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3 years ago#7
I like hydra a lot. Have two hold at the drop off and two more to the right in the bunker like building and it goes pretty well
3 years ago#8
White is without a doubt the easiest, simply because everyone who plays Gold knows the accepted strategy.

Giant is also pretty easy, but I can see the right side of the typical camping spot near the ladder and ammo cache becoming overwhelmed if a bunch of Phantoms decide to rush that place.

Hydra is fairly easy as you have a good sniper's perch near the landing zone with enemies having to cover a lot of open ground before they reach you. There's also plenty of good camping spots.

I found dagger to not be the cakewalk that people imply it is, simply because you can end up getting surrounded on 3 sides in that circular room with the pillar in the center. This is especially true when Phantoms rush you during the later waves.
3 years ago#9

Bring an asari and camp the bottom desks.
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3 years ago#10
As for Cerberus generally, have at least 1 person with Stasis and as always, at least 1 Infiltrator so he can do the hacks solo.

My guess is Hydra. In Dagger the team may be spread out covering the paths into the control room and anyone watching a path without stasis may have to retreat quickly.

Crimsonhead4 posted...
I like hydra a lot. Have two hold at the drop off and two more to the right in the bunker like building and it goes pretty well

Why would this be preferred to the control room at the back? There is very little cover in that area since when you pop your head up to shoot, half the map can see it. There are also three ways in. If you move from a grenade you're fully exposed. The large control room at the back has full cover and only two ways in, you can retreat from grenades safely, plus two ammox boxes are in easy reach. Have 2 at the front of the room, 1 at the passage behind the room, sniper preferably because he can see longer range, and 1 floating for support.
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