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3 years ago#1
In my conquest to try and unlock the Asari Adept, I managed to unlock the Geth Infiltrator instead. Never having actually tried playing as an infiltrator, I have no idea how these guys work. But apparently, the Geth Infiltrator is supposed to be one of the best classes, so I want to sorta try it out, you know?

Anyways, the question is pretty much in the title; what is the best build for a Geth Infiltrator? Thanks in advance!
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3 years ago#2
lll jank lll
3 years ago#3
depends on you gun I say, I use my geth infiltrator as my main, with a valiant 2,
i use damage bonus for cloak and the way to level 6
plus huntermode to level 6
i do not use mines,
gun damade to lvel 6
and fitnetss to level 6 to make up for the 50% shield loss for having huntermode on
i love how powerfull my shots get, and destroys big enemies
3 years ago#4

From: incubux | #003
i do not use mines

Your build is wrong.
Fire Bucket
3 years ago#5
GI the best class, really. You can go for sniping, shotgunning, or melee and do either really well.
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3 years ago#6
The geth infiltrator really is best (imo) with a shotgun build. I like the 4/6/6/6/4 build, as mentioned in the linked thread earlier. I use GPS, since you get extra geth weapon damage through the passive skill.
3 years ago#7
I just go 6/6/6/6/0. Fitness on an infiltrator is pointless. You can pretty much always escape. And if you're nailed by the stray turret or something, the little bit of health won't help. I take the extra power and the end of the cloak tree to fire off an extra mine, mostly at distant foes out of shotgun range, or to debuff an opponent headed for allies.

Cloak: Damage -> Recharge -> Power. Probably not popular choices, but I'm not sniping either. I like getting the cloak back ASAP with hunter mode on, and the freedom to use the mine at someone far off or wherever without necessarily blowing my cover. I don't want to be exposed because I had to shoot a close by husk, cloaked mine is good for that.

Mines: Damage -> Damage taken from all sources -> Damage. With the buff given by the patch, detonation won't be a problem.

Hunter mode: Power recharge (more mines faster) -> Power damage (mines/maybe cloak..?) -> Vision and speed

Networked AI: Capacity (lightens my claymore for mines) -> power damage (not sniping) -> weapon damage (not using snipers or assault rifles)

Fitness: 0

I use my claymore X with the damage muzzle and piercing mod. Get up close, use mine, shoot. Everything up to a ravager is dead in one shot (and one shotting a ravager on gold is pretty satisfying). When dealing with barriers/shields, I use my GPSMG with magazine mod and ultralight for a nearly weightless sidearm that can fire forever. Great for taking down shields, not that great for just about anything else.

People will swear by the GPS, and that's fine. I, for one, hate having to remember to charge BEFORE cloaking then holding down the trigger til I find something to kill. On top of that, when I'm not the host, I've walked right up to a crouching phantom with a charged shot ready to go, only to release it and have nothing happen. Quite infuriating, especially as you run and they palm gun you down. Better to know what you're shooting will be dead, I say.

Some also use melee more than others, so if that's your thing, fitness may be the way to go. I'm much more mine based, the only time I use melee is when a marauder I targeted moves slightly at the last second and has two bars of health at the end of the blast or something. This build is what works for me though.
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3 years ago#8
it really depends on how you play your infiltrator.

Shotgun or Sniper

If you're a sniper, (Valient or Black Widow Recommended)
Cloak: Damage > Recharge > Sniper Damage
Mine: Ignore
Hunter Mode: Recharge > Doesn't really matter > I take damage, but speed and vision work really well.
Networked A.I.: Weapon Damage > Headshots > Weapon damage
Adv Hardware: All shield bonuses(to compensate for huntermode)

^ My personal preference for a sniper build anyway. some of that is probably debatable, but i'm always top score even when we all 3 are the 4 objectives and i get 'em.

If you don't have black widow or valient, widow or mantis X work okay.

My dodging tends to lack...severely, so the extra boost in shields helps me a ton. and when i did have mine, i never found myself using it unless i was almost out of ammo. if you have confidence in your survival abilities, feel free to drop shield bonuses...i just wouldn't recommend it personally :D

Shotgun (Geth Plasma Shotgun recommended)
Cloak: Damage
Mine: Damage > Damage Taken > Damage
Hunter Mode: Recharge Speed > Power Damage > Your preference, damage would be preferred(For me) but speed and vision work equally as well.
Networked A.I.: Weapon Damage > power Damage > Weapon Damage
Adv Hardware: Durability

this is what i've been reading anyway, i'm not a fan of shotguns, but i've seen Shotgun Infil's wreak havoc in all difficulties.

there's also a melee build, but you have to be crazy and good to make that practical in gold.
3 years ago#9
Do you use a sniper rifle? 6/6/6/6/0 might be best.

Of course, real geth hunters use the Geth Plasma Shotgun. 4/6/6/6/4 wipes the floor with anything in sight, and your sight goes through walls.
3 years ago#10
Take some points, put them in places that sound interesting, play game.

You are now enjoying yourself sans dependence on the opinions of others and how they think you should play. ME3 allows this, because it is not difficult.

Do not fall victim to the lure of inclusion by way of groupthink. Especially when it's not required.
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