Would you have been as mad if the Catalyst wasnt....(MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS)

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The rest of the series was a convoluted mess, should MGS4 have been any different?

2 was convoluted but had an interesting and complex story, along with great characters IMO. MGS1 and 3 werent convoluted and had great stories and characters.

4 was just stupid, and overly hokey and terrible. With no memorable characters.


Dont get me started on the burping monkey in a diaper, or that guy crapping his pants over and over and over. That was funny the first time as a throw back to MGS1.

But the 13th time I had to watch him crap his pants I said enough was enough.
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Vent boy represents Shep's greatest regret which is leaving Earth fighting for itself.
Vent boy is a lie !