Rate the Weapon Day 39: Striker Assault Rifle

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3 years ago#21
This is an odd weapon to rate. On most classes, the weigh alone makes it not worth carrying, but certainly not all. Vorcha and Krogan Sentinels don't have to care about weight, and on them this weapon is quite a powerful AoE blaster from range. I run a Striker X and Reegar IV on my Vorcha Sentinel and they work great together. The weapon is fairly powerful, but its main use is that the rapid staggering blasts really help keep the user safe.

5/10 is fair. It's a good weapon, but only for classes that can handle extra weight.
3 years ago#22

bad weapon terrible weapon.
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3 years ago#23

There are times when it actually fires all the rounds in a clip where I just go 0_0
Those are rare though.
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3 years ago#24
3/10 close to awful
3 years ago#25
2/5, 4/10

A good gun, but the low damage and high weight holds it back from greatness. It's viable for niche builds, but not as a go-to weapon in the mainstream. Krogan Sentinel will be able to make the best use of it as a stunlocking weapon for tanking, but there are many lighter guns which are just as good or better with the simple application of Disruptor ammo.

You gotta REALLY want to use the gun, hence the score.
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3 years ago#26

Explosive rounds: not what you think they are.
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3 years ago#27

It's not as bad as everyone's making it seem. It's good on the Krogan Battlemaster. You can run around exploding your barrier at things and then blast them while they're stunned.
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3 years ago#28

Just awful. I can't believe this was a DLC weapon on top of that it has the name Striker. Now future guns can't use a cool name like that. Just one of many garbage rapid fire weapons.
3 years ago#29
0.0 used once and never again...i'd trade my lvl 10 for a gel. Doesn't excel in any area or situation (read - worthless).

I'd rather have an eagle.
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3 years ago#30
7 out of 10 in the hands of a skilled Soldier.

1 out of 10 in the hands of unskilled Infiltrators.

So, lets say 7 of 10 potential and 1 of 10 for 99% of the community.
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