Can we all agree that EDI shouldn't have replaced Legion?

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The only new character is James, who is badly written. Javik does not count since he was originally written as The Catalyst (last living prothean) and you would chase him across the game into a thrilling conclusion. That change alone should tell you how much thought was put into the current ending. They took the scrqps of unfinished Javik and had a b-team do up a level for them so they could have a day one DLC to upsell.

Javik sold the whole series out, pretty much.

[citation needed]

I am on my phone, so no links, but look around for the script leaks. They tell a very different tale.

James was badly written? Really? Did you ever take him out after the first mission? Or talk to him? Ever? See, most people assume hes badly written, and never actually use him. Hes actually a pretty interesting character with some pretty funny lines if you ever bother to use him, or talk to him.

Also, while the initial script did in fact have Javik as the Catalyst, it had even more Deues ex Machina, and was also pretty lame.

James banter with other squaddies is fine. Generic mission dialogue. The issue is that he says (with no accent) really strange spanish sayings that don't line up with anything else he has said. This may be the fault of Mr. Prinze, but since I enjpyed his performance it is down to bland writing. He also only had maybe 2 convos aboard the Normandy and mostly took up space.

Did you get to the part where he comes up to your cabin to talk about joining N7?

Also he has a line where if he gets the killing shot on A phantom he says: Take that you floppy little b****!

James is awesome.
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This is entirely the fault of the fans, the notion of EDI getting a body and getting it on with Joker was a long running joke between 2 and 3. :P

I wasn't aware the fans coded that part and held Bioware at gun point forcing them to put it in the game.

BioWare listened to the fans and got the wrong message, is it really that hard for you to understand?
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EDI as a squadmate was pointless fan service. When I heard about it, I got a bad feeling about the rest of the game. I think the squad might honestly be the worst part of the game.

100% agreed.
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1. We could have our cake and eat it too - have both!
2. It'd affect the meat of the 'better' part of ME3 - also known as the first 90% to most people. I actually think that recovered from the worst parts of ME2 (the ending), which patched up the worst of ME1 (the ending). Bioware's problem is the multiple endings hook - either you have to make the endings similar in order to create something approaching canon for the sake of the universe you create, or you have to "nuke the sequel" by giving absolute finality.

How would we like it if we played ME2 and were told that the canon story of ME1 meant we saved Ashley, killed Wrex, told Verner to give up his dreams, and romanced Liara, and that's just how it is, dammit!

The ambition of branching stories between games has to hit the story at some point, beyond the superficial of 'you saved X instead of Y'.

Perhaps ME3 isn't the end to the series - there's potential for a galactic rebuild continuation to the series, in the same way that, say, the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles of Red vs Blue didn't finish off that story, just a major arc. If that's the case, the ending is perhaps frustrating, but necessary.

Mass Effect 4 might just not have Shepard, relays or Reapers. Best case scenario - something similar in style to Mass Effect. Worst case scenario - MMO. I really hope in ten years, we still have single player games. I don't know if we will.

3. Instead of EDI and Legion or EDI or Legion, a story device could have forced Legion and EDI to fuse, instead of EDI and Eva Core. Then you'd have this interesting dual personality issue arising, which could be explored just as much as distinct characters, or the Joker/EDI relationship, which would be complicated by EDI being within a Geth platform instead of a female form.

[Someone has to make a choice at some point to choose the option that serves the game best. Perhaps they couldn't find a way to integrate Legion, Tali, EDI and Joker comfortably, especially with everything else going on in the galaxy.]