Poll: If you quit/disconnect from a game, you should get Full/Half/No Credits?

#11vespa5Posted 8/12/2012 10:53:47 AM
There are a few exceptions though. If you're on Hydra and 3 of your squadmates want to make like a tree and camp up on the ledge in the back corner while you're sitting pretty doing all the dirty work (even the hack at 1 point objective, these dudes just stayed put in their corner), you either sweat it out for 40+ minutes (you sacrifice ease for length of time for the mission when you do this) or you bail only to have nasty messages from the ledge campers cussing you out for "not trying". Yeah, get off the baby ledge kids.
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TheMonkeyBomb posted...
There should be some kind of quit system for this, because it would be hard to tell the difference if someone disconnects intentionally or not.

If you quit out every once and a while, you get full credits.

If you quit out a bit more than that, you get half credits.

If you quit out a lot, you get no credits.

I think this is a great idea. It would keep people from disconnecting intentionally, but would allow you to keep credits when you do get disconnected.
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It's stupid to punish someone for being disconnected. If you decide to quit the game, then you should be punished.
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No credits

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