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4 years ago#11
Demolisher grenade spammer.
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4 years ago#12
Vorcha are only really good if there are two or more of them, at least one with a Reegar.
Demolisher definitely deserves a spot, plus is ridiculously easy to use so anyone can do it.

Tbqh, the real problem with your list is that so much depends on enemy type and player, a respectable tier list needs at least top ten.
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4 years ago#13
Sociopathix posted...
What would you consider the top five most viable builds for any given platinum match.

I'd say:

GI piranha build
Kroguard tank/shotgun build
Destroyer particle rifle build
Salarian engineer traditional build
Fury quick explosion build


I agree with almost all your builds, but I'd replace the Destroyer with the Demolisher specced for Tech Burst spam. I frequently top 100k on Platinum with the build, and I'm not even very good.
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4 years ago#14
Shadow "Assassin" build - Sword mastery specced for melee damage, extra speed and armor damage with maxed out Shadow Strike specced for damage, DoT, shield drain and TacCloak specced for duration, melee damage and power usage. 3 points is all I need in Electric Strike to keep it good for crowds.
Mainly I use this build as an objectives build because of her speed bonuses but I use SS liberally to kill weaker enemy units and because my cloak doesn't break from use of one power I can retreat to safety before they realize I did something.
4 years ago#15
Crunchyz posted...
Shadow "Assassin" build

the shadow isn't bad, but it is by no means better than the 5 TC had, or a demolisher.
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4 years ago#16
I'd take a Shadow over a Piranha GI tbqh.
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4 years ago#17
Bhellium posted...
I'd take a Shadow over a Piranha GI tbqh.

I call shenanigans. Simply because there is no other class that can compete with the shear damage the GI offers. Not that the Shadow is a premium damage dealer to begin with >_>
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4 years ago#18
The Shadow's my second favorite class in the game but I definitely wouldn't say it's one of the top Platinum builds.

It's very versatile, perhaps the most versatile class in the game imo, and it brings a lot of options to the table but I think Platinum is when it all becomes about specialization. You can even see it in these classes listed here as "top", they all have a pretty unique role. Kroguard is pretty much the ONLY tank in the game which is a huge perk, GI is one of the highest DPS possible, but also a debuffer at the same time thanks to damage taken (imo, debuffing is in general the best platinum tactic.). Demolisher is the only grenadier, the Fury's explosion setup is uniquely individualistic and fast, and while I think putting the Salarian Engineer as one of the best is a bit debatable it's still really good since it serves such a distinct purpose. I'd put Shadow really high up there though for its utility, for the many uses of SS and ES as well as generally being encouraged to have duration on tactical cloak which is useful for objectives. A good shotgun like the Piranha to use in Tactical Cloak can help a lot to give it more damage to keep up.

I don't like to think too much in terms of tier esque mindsets though. I do generally agree with these choices, but another thing about them is that they're also the classes that don't really require a setup. They work well either as a thoughtless addition, or as a part of a well organized team setup. I think a team of biotics, like two justicars to setup explosions with Reave AND bubble, and two adepts to set off explosions (any of them really, although the shockwave Adepts and especially the Fury are particularly good.) is incredible, as is a full team made up of classes with debuff powers.
4 years ago#19
I play a salarian engineer using the without incinerate build and typically I am on the bottom of the charts. This isn't a bad thing. Compared to other classes I haven't figured a proper way to bring up my dos BUT I can proudly say that I provide probably the best support role. Having Decoy is a lifesaver for the entire team and energy drain helps bring down shields. He is no tank like the kroguard but he is key on providing survivability not only to himself but to his team.

I think this works because I typically favor the support roles than anything besides tanking with my krogaurd.
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4 years ago#20
Only thing is I think the Kroguard and Salarian Engineer's roles kind of overlap, since the Engineer is sort of a pseudo-tank itself using decoy, so I don't know if a team necessarily needs both of them. Not that it can't work, it just seems to be defense overkill to me I think the ideal is to have more offense to back up the defense.

Kind of eerily reminds me of FFXI, in how Paladins tanked traditionally while Ninja tanked using shadow images.
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