Tell me how long you've played MP

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4 years ago#21
164 hours
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4 years ago#22
140H 20M 25S
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4 years ago#23
304H 23M 57S
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4 years ago#24
Time played:
470H 12M 10S
Games played:
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4 years ago#25
40 hours.
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4 years ago#26
10H 41M 1S

79 matches played

Frankly, I'm surprised I've played it for that long. Though a good amount of it was credit glitching...
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4 years ago#27

526 hours 1469 matches
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4 years ago#28
110H 11M 20S
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4 years ago#29
148H 17M 53S

I should really have better stuff...
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