*SPOILER* Omega DLC female turian

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4 years ago#11
Cool, I might actually start thinking about SP again.
4 years ago#12
Hope that will be a mp character soon.
4 years ago#13
Shepard must have it.
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4 years ago#14
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4 years ago#15
Wow, thats definetely the same armor as the leaked photo with the misterious character. That armor also looks very close to algamier legionariers male turian, either way, should be good!
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4 years ago#16
They actually made the female somewhat attractive. I didn't think it'd be possible. Wow.
4 years ago#17
I'm betting she's the flexible recon scout whom Garrus tested his reach with.
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4 years ago#18

Has Bioware mentioned anything about her possibly being a squad member? Femshep must have her.
4 years ago#19
Man, I almost hope she is a new Permanent Squadmate, but another part hopes that goes to a race we don't currently have (Vorcha, Drell, Krogan, Yahg(lol))
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4 years ago#20
That armor looks pretty coo ^_^....nice design. All I want to know is will she be permanent??? I don't really care about that gangster Asari but hell if we got 2 DLC characters in ME2 we should atleast get that in 3 "/

I also agree that she resembles a female version of the new mp Turians...I get more of an Infiltrator'ish vibe from the pics.
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