What the hell is wrong with this gun? Day 53 Acolyte

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Was a beast before the patch, is a beast after the patch
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code_kirin posted...
Anyone who says it makes all other pistols obsolete doesn't have a Talon. Comparable DPS against shields and barriers and probably about triple the sustained dps against everything else. Acolyte is an excellent side arm for nearly any class, but only a few classes should main it.

No one is saying a non caster should main it. I have a Talon, and the benefits of an Acolyte far outweigh the benefits of taking a Talon as a side arm (as great of a weapon the Talon is). Classes that only carry a pistol (casters), would be daft to not carry the Acolyte, classes that carry a pistol as a side arm could easily utilize any number of weapons to do all the damage they need, AND also carry a Acolyte to destroy shields near and across the map, while doing splash damage, hitting enemies behind cover, stunning enemies, and embarrassing Phantoms. The Talon matches it's dps vs shields and barriers when it's the same level, the Acolyte is way easier to level than a Talon making it more accessible to the vast majority of players making the comparable dps argument moot to all but a small minority.
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Other; the crap damage against armor.
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SageOfLife posted...
Other; the crap damage against armor.

Other: Bad players trying to damage armour with an Acolyte.

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"I bet if the Asari had used this gun more often, they wouldn't of lost Thessia"

Ouch, right in the blue feels.
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I think the Acolyte is good as it is, since it can be good against barriers and not that good against health. The bad thing is the ROF and ammo it has.

I use a Vanguard and use the acolyte as the main weapon, and it's only good until silver. At gold I prefer using a sniper or AR.
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A really awesome gun. Took me a while to get used to the no-charge after running with it so much before. My Asariguard runs with an Acolyte and a Disciple (I love themes). Stasis Bubble + Acolyte = Lots of dead things. However, for most of my other casters, I like the Paladin. I find it more aesthetically pleasing with it's bang and head popping.
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Love the gun. Only thing that frustrates me is the time you have to wait after firing to reload. I understand it was probably a "quick fix" for BioWare to ditch the charging, but it's the only gun (AFAIK) that makes you wait before you can reload.
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Nothing, I love the new MP version of it.
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