So I just got the Groundside Pack.

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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

4 years ago#1
Until now, my choices for weapons were like this:

Assault Rifles: Particle Rifle, Harrier, Mattock, or Phaeston
Sniper Rifles: Black Widow or Valiant, sometimes Krysae
SMGs: Blood Pack Punisher or Tempest
Pistols: Talon, though mostly unused
Shotguns: Never used them.

Are any of the new weapons decent or good enough to add or replace these?

From a basic testing run, it seems to me that:
- Executioner is nice, probably I'd take it in place of the Talon from now on. Not much interested in the Acolyte, though, mainly because of the charge time...
- Typhoon seems nice/great as well, if only too heavy. Striker seems meh.
- Kishock seems interesting, though I think I need some feedback.
- Piranha... I might actually start using shotguns, hmm. Venom didn't seem anything too special.

Feedback on these new weapons(not all new, but then, I don't play MP) would be appreciated.
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User Info: overkill_78

4 years ago#2
Haven't touched the SP in a long time, but I imagine Piranha on a Vanguard would make the game even easier.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#3
Some other small DLC is dropping tomorrow. Er, today. It may be more weapons. Or it may be a lie.
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  3. So I just got the Groundside Pack.

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