Just finished game and saw ending for first time (Oh my lord)

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King_Madness posted...
Also, I have a question. Was the galactic readiness thing completely worthless? No matter how high you got it, what did it do? What was the point of that addition?

The ending seems to have made so many things worthless >.>

You had to have over a certain amount to select Synthesis at all, and if you got it high enough, there's that bonus scene of Shepard in the rubble in the Destroy ending. But don't think too much into it. Destroy is the only ending where Shepard isn't outright disintegrated.

But with the EC, the galactic readiness really doesn't matter anymore.
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If they didn't use cgi I bet they could have had a lot more endings with a lot more differences.
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I was going to pop this game back on today and finish my other characters. Don't really feel like doing it anymore now.
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Please watch this.
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