Accidentally Solo'd gold....

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Hui_Tian posted...
remember back in the day when you played Gold for the first time, just because you thought Silver was playable and you wanted to see what gold was, and you got your booty handed to you by wave 5 because you were inexperienced?

yeah, there are still people of that caliber who play on gold.
I'm not surprised by that happening to you, because there are now a lot more experienced Gold Players than before, but it still is LOL-able when something like that hppens

Hehe, I tried to play a gold game (would have been my first) a while back. I kept getting put into bronze/silver lobbies, then finally ended up in a gold. After a minute somebody put a vote kick on me so I equipped some better consumables. The reason they had voted to kick me was because they swapped the difficulty to platinum and I didn't notice. I'm not sure what a good score is, but I ended up in third with 60,000 score before bonuses were applied. (UUP)
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I have no mic, or friends who play video games, so I always play with randoms. People who boast about their builds and games usually play with friends -- that's not a real challenge. A real challenge is playing with rando's on Gold, doing whatever.

9/10 matches I'll have good PUG matches. The occasional match will be a pain, but my experience with randoms have been positive. These horror stories? Rare.
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